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ACT Unlock Tool

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Detail of ACT Unlock Tool

ACT Unlock Tool is a unique software program that is designed to repair different mobile phones. You can repair phones that run on MTK and Qualcomm systems. The software offers solutions for FRP unlocking, factory resets, and bypassing Auth DAA/SLA security measures. To use the tool, connect your device to a computer and open it. Click the Unlock/Service button and follow the instructions accordingly.

Description of ACT Unlock Tool:

ACT Unlock Tool is an indispensable mobile repair software solution designed for use with various MTK and Qualcomm-powered devices, enabling users to remove FRP locks, remove password patterns, factory reset devices, unlock Mi accounts, and reset their IMEI numbers essential capabilities for technicians who work on these types of phones.

To use the ACT Unlock Tool, connect your device to one of its supported modes (MTP, Flash, EDL, or USB VCOM), select your desired function, and follow the onscreen instructions. This is a free and versatile tool designed to repair and unlock devices quickly and easily; its numerous functions include eliminating pattern passwords and formatting devices as well as hard factory resets, deleted Vivo demo mode deletion, and unlocking bootloaders without bypassing SLA/Mi locks.

How to use the Unlock Tool?

To use the ACT Unlock Tool, connect your device in either MTP, Flash, or EDL USB mode, and the program will recognize and list its options; simply choose which function you wish to activate and wait until it completes its task.

OPPO devices that utilize FRP locks or demo mode can also be unlocked with the ACT Unlock Tool Version 4.5 by connecting them to a computer and opening the latest tool, selecting “Lock” then “Remove Demo”, depending on whether they match CPH or RMX variants of your device, and following on-screen instructions until completion.

What is the ACT Unlock Tool?

ACT Unlock Tool is a mobile repair software designed to simplify unlocking and maintaining devices. Compatible with various phone brands and models, this app supports various functions like erasing FRP protection, formatting data, and bypassing authentication authentication among others.

This software is compatible with multiple MediaTek chipsets, making it an indispensable resource for technicians and users alike. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality help users complete tasks quickly and effortlessly.

Features of Unlock Tool:

This repair solution allows users to erase FRP locks, reset pattern password pins, format devices, factory reset devices, erase Vivo demo mode, unlock bootloaders, and bypass SLA DAA locks.

Use of the software is straightforward. Simply connect your device in MTP, Flash, EDL, or USB VCOM mode and select which function you would like to utilize; the tool will detect your device automatically and unlock it.

This program boasts many features to simplify unlocking and repairing mobiles, such as,

  • Author Bypass (allowing you to bypass authentication for specific functions)
  • Format Data (allowing you to reformat data partitions on devices)
  • MiCloud account reset feature (enabling users to reset MiCloud accounts on Xiaomi devices)
  • As well as being an indispensable tool for technicians and users alike; free download available.

This software offers numerous functions including the following.

  • FRP Lock removal.
  • Flash Firmware update
  • Rooting, upgrading
  • Disabling Knox
  • MTK Auth Bypass
  • Bypassing and downloading iPhone firmware files
  • All are free to download with minimal memory requirements on PCs.

Uses of the Tool:

  • Factory Reset
  • Erase FRP (all MTK devices)
  • Safe Format (PARA)
  • Samsung FRP (all MTK devices)
  • Safe Format (Misc)
  • Xiaomi Account Erase
  • Authentication Bypass
  • Vivo Demo Remove
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Vivo V23e Demo Remove
  • Relock Bootloader
  • MTK Client GUI Tool


All credit goes to the developers of ACT Unlock Tool for creating this software, so if any questions or issues arise please reach out directly. Please be aware this tool is intended solely for educational and research use on an authorized device only; any use other than this must first be approved by its developer.