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If you want to connect your All MediaTek Driver chipset phone or tablet to the computer, you will need MTK USB VCOM drivers. These drivers are used to communicate with the device and provide features such as transferring files, working with ADB, etc. These drivers are also essential for flashing stock or custom firmware and installing the recovery. You can download them from the link below.

All MediaTek Driver is a collection of drivers that can be used to connect MediaTek phones to PCs. These drivers allow users to transfer files from the phone to the computer and vice versa, as well as flash firmware on the phone. The drivers are updated regularly to ensure compatibility with new devices and operating systems, as well as to fix bugs or security issues.

The drivers are also useful for removing FRP (Factory Reset Protection) from MediaTek phones. However, the process is lengthy and requires a combination of tools.

Another important feature of the All MediaTek Driver is that they allow users to perform advanced tasks such as flashing firmware on bricked devices and installing custom ROMs. This is possible by creating a stable connection between the device and the computer. Moreover, the drivers can even unlock the bootloader of a phone. Hence, these drivers are essential for developers and power users who want to customize their smartphones.

What is All MediaTek Driver?

All MediaTek Driver is a utility software that helps you to transfer general data from your phone to your PC. It also helps fix the soft or hard bricking and stuck-on boot logo issues. It can also be used to flash stock firmware on your device and relock the bootloader.

These drivers are handy for MediaTek-powered smartphones and feature phones. They are easy to install and work well with all Windows operating systems. However, be sure to enable USB debugging on your device before using these drivers. It is also a good idea to keep your PC updated to ensure that these drivers will work correctly. This will ensure a faster and smoother experience with these drivers. It will also help you to avoid any errors or problems. For more information, visit the official MediaTek website.

Features of All MediaTek Driver:

  • All MediaTek Drivers help create a stable connection between your PC and MediaTek smartphones and tablets.
  • They also facilitate transferring files and installing various software on your device.
  • This can include custom ROMs, custom recovery, root files, and unlocking the bootloader.
  • While these drivers are useful, they can’t do everything. To remove FRP lock from a MediaTek device, you’ll need to use a combination of tools and methods.
  • MediaTek CPU phones are all over the Android smartphone ecosystem.
  • This is because the chipsets are cheap and reliable.
  • However, it is important to have the proper drivers installed on your computer before using these devices.
  • This will ensure that you get the most out of your device and avoid any errors.
  • Moreover, it will also allow you to flash firmware and IMEI.


All MediaTek Driver is one of the biggest manufacturers of mobile phone chipsets. Its chipsets are powering countless smartphones and tablets around the world. They support advanced features such as 4K HDR video, immersive audio, and gaming-grade 5G connectivity. They also feature high-performance Imagiq camera technologies and MiraVision display enhancements.

The MTK USB Vcom Driver is an important part of any device with a MediaTek chipset. This driver allows you to transfer data and sync your phone with Windows computers of any version. It can even help you flash ROMs or install new firmware on your phone.