Android Phone Unlocker Tool Free Download

If your device gets locked and wants to unlock it, you are here in searching for Android phone unlocker. Basically, we have a tool for PC Windows users to unlock thier smartphones. This tool will deal with all kinds of security locks. Like Facelock unlocking, Pin lock unlocking, and pattern lock unlocking. So you can use this multi-tool to reset the lock, reset pin locks and the most important pattern lock. No matters what kind of Android you have and you want to reset these locks.

However, we have a lot of content on FRP locks and how to unlock FRP locks using the FRP bypass tools. Bypass the account activation locks and has much more features.

Android Phone Unlocker Tools:

So here is a good list of Top 3 Android Phone Unlocker software programs on Microsoft Windows.

  • One-Click Pattern Unlock Tool
  • Android Multi Tools
  • FRP Unlock Tool Only for Samsung

One-Click Pattern Unlock Tool:

As the tells it all, this is the single click tool for Android to unlock the pattern locks. This is one of the best software from Android phone unlocker tools for Windows. Support all Android operating systems and you can install it on any Windows. This is an Android pattern unlock tool and as well as can perform the hard reset.

You can download the latest version of this amazing one Click pattern unlock tool. The current version is 3.0.2 for download and easy installation.

One Click Pattern Unlock Tool

How to Use One Click Android Unlock Tool:

  • The very first thing is to download the one-click pattern unlock tool from our website. Check Below download link.
  • Connect your Android to your computer via USB data cable.
  • Select your Port ID for the connected device.
  • Locate the exact model name for your devices from the list at the dropdown menu.
  • Select your Connection type and you are done.
  • Now simply unlock by just a click on Unlock.

Download Link:

Download from the below link. The file size of this tool is 1.6 MBs. And it is the beta version for professional Android phone unlocker software.

Download >> One-Click Pattern Unlock Tool version 3.0.2 beta

Android Multi Tools:

Android Multi Tool is yet another tool with unlocking and so many other features. So the features including as it will show devices information. Check for the device in fastboot and also in the normal mode.

Allowing you to do the security locks unlock. Format the data entirely and helpful to Android phone unlocker. Check the list of features that this Android multi-tool is offering.

  1. Checking devices
  2. Reset Face locks
  3. Reset pin Locks
  4. Remove Pattern locks
  5. Reset the active Google account
Android Multi Tools

These are much more unlocking fundamentals. You can check them out and download the Android Multi Tools for PC.

Unlock FRP on Samsung Devices:

Sor Samsung devices we have a list of working and powerfull advanced tools. That will give you a next level FRP unlocks and at other security locks. To unlock and perform many other tasks you can check out these incredible tools right on the go.

Top Samsung FRP Unlocking Tools

That’s all we know about the Android phone unlocker tools. If you had anyone better then the above. Approach us so that we will add that on in our list. Our aim to make things work for our users and happy Unlocking..!

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