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Asus AI suite is all in one system utility tool for Asus and Asus Zenfune mobile users. Providing a great hub for monitoring utilities for gaming systems. The AI suite gives you easy control over, all things and allows to check insights on your Computer.

You can operate and launch various system applications at the same time and save your precious time. Now the new version of Asus Ai suite 3 is allowing users to optimize and ensure system stability. The main menu consists of quick navigations and a swift launcher. This will help you to launch any program without any delay.

You can now download the latest version of the Asus Ai suite for Windows operating systems. It will work on Windows 32 bit and 64 bit OS with Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 or XP installed. Always prefers with its supportable motherboard. You can see the manual and have good things about your Asus suite software.

Features of Asus AI suite:

There are so many features and functionalities for the Asus AI suite. So here below, I will make a clear and immediate list for them.

Four 4 way of optimization

4 ways of optimization will automatically detect the ideal settings for your device. Minimizing the fan noise and uses less power of energy. you can save a lot of data while usage.


Shows CPU performance in percentages. Provide information about the strap from 100 to 250 with graphics. And almost have a frequency meter in multiplicable numbers.

Fan Xpert 2:

Has CPU fan benchmark and fan status by simple diagrams.

DIGI + Power control:

Giving you the info about the optimized phase in turn Off or On and active frequency mode.


Energy-saving and provide either the CPU power is available or not. If available this will configure maximum CPU power.


You can check the Add-ons for the following modes.

  1. Add-on SATA power
  2. Add-on USB power

The power-saving formula works on four different modes. The first one is auto in which all the settings automatically figured out. The second one is to get great results by setting the high-performance model.

The third one is to save a lot of energy and power by having the power saving mode. And the last one which is definitely fourth is away mode when you don’t use the computer.

Download From the >> LINK.

Check another version of AI Suite Which is AI suite 4 for Windows