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We are going to here provide the Free downloads and reviews for the best Android Emulator for PC Windows. You will find many emulators out there, but finding the best one suited for you must be difficult because of compatibility issues, bugs, supported devices, and stuff. So we decided to go and do all the hard work for you by compiling a list of 9 top-rated, and marvelous emulators for your PC.

What Are Android Emulator?

But before we do that, let’s move through what emulators are. Emulators are programs that assist in the system to imitate another system. For example, a PC can imitate an Android with the aid of Emulators.

Emulators on PC can serve various functions ranging from gaming to testing and developing. Game and app developers usually test their apps on different platforms. Hence Emulators are a great substitute for Androids as they can now change the OS by using different emulators. Moreover, the developers do not need to run here are there in search of different phones and models to test out their applications on various devices.

Here is the full list of extremely useful and recommended emulators:


Gameloop is one of the finest and unique emulators to use. Gameloop was rebranded from Tencent Gaming Buddy (TGB) and owned by a company called Tencent. TGB originally was made for PUBG Mobile, but soon the company got interested in expanding, due to that Gameloop was formed. Gameloop can now be used to download any game present on the PlayStore.

Key Features:

In the future, GameLoop will not only support mobile games but also pc games and web games. – Gameloop. It is also extremely lightweight and less resource-intensive. Gameloop will further expand its grasp to PC games and also web games that do not need to be downloaded. It is also the official PUBG Mobile and Gameloop Emulator. Another great thing about Gameloop is that you can use your computer’s full power to render better graphics and frame rate as per your PC’s specifications.

Download Gameloop


BlueStacks is one of the most renowned emulators (370+Million users) and is recommended by many – there are valid reasons behind that. BlueStacks has been there long before other emulators and is the most customizable when compared to others. BlueStacks is also faster than many Android devices. BlueStacks 4 compared with the performance of Samsung Galaxy S9+ is 12.6% faster than the latter. BlueStacks is quite resource-intensive. Although in BlueStacks, you might need to configure your Windows settings or face other problems.

Download Bluestacks


KoPlayer is also one of the leading Android Emulators available in the market. It has two modes as per the user’s requirements. One is Speed mode and the other is Compatibility mode. With the Speed mode, you will get better performance with amazing graphics and usage. However, if there are any problems, you can switch to Compatibility mode.

New Updates:

One other issue is that it hasn’t been updated since last year. KoPlayer’s main focus is games, but that doesn’t mean there are no other apps to use. You still can use other apps by downloading those from Google Play Store. KoPlayer has a few compatibility issues and may crash, even in Compatibility mode.

Download KoPlayer


MEmu is another great Android Emulator aimed at gaming but works well for testing purposes or general uses too. Its developers are also quite reliable as they listen to complaints and roll out updates regularly. The latest updates have fixed a lot of problems and made many users happy. They also have tons of guides on their blogs for everyone to navigate to and to solve any queries.

Click here to proceed to MEmu 101, where they will assist you to sort out any issues you are facing. Support for both Intel and AMD chipsets are available. It doesn’t matter if they are dedicated or integrated. MEmu also has a simple one-click APK install button making installation of apps way easier. The advanced option also gives you access to change device’s IMEI, model, SIM card, and phone number.

Download Memu

LD Player:

Another creative Android Emulator with tons of functions that immensely improves your experience of gaming. Also, this is the top-ranked emulators with the numerous positive reviews, and LD Player’s team has been very responsive to its users no matter what social forum that might be.

Advanced Features:

Quite impressive features that landed this Android Emulator a position in the top 9 Android Emulators. Some amazing features are the 60+ fps, multiplayer synchronization, and multiple instances. Moreover, LD Player is lighter and runs smoothly as compared to others and is easier to handle with its simple one-click features such as one-click APK install. Overall this is a superb Android Emulator and worth an attempt. However, there is no option for Direct X, only Open Gl.

Download LD Player

Nox Emulator:

Unique is the name of the Nox Emulator. It has marvelous features that make it tempting and very hard to resist using this, such as the multiple instances which operate smoothly on a decent PC. Specially created for running games on your PC. Therefore you can play games with higher fps and graphics that make it more fun to play Android games on your PC.

Best Compatibility:

Option to switch between Open Gl and Direct X makes room for more customizability and compatibility, this is a big advantage for users with specific requirements. Instantly opening and running multiple instances to enjoy different games at the same time makes it worthwhile to use Nox Emulator.

Download Nox

Phoenix OS:

An operating system made especially for work. Added authority, as compared with others such as the transparency of windows allows altering, the storage option ranges from 8 to 32 GB along with a couple of other useful features. Additionally, the Compatibility of Phoenix OS is more reliable than other OS available in the market.

Furthermore, booting via USB is possible, and another advantage of doing this is that it only requires USB 2.0. Booting up Phoenix OS happens to be faster, and all loading times are quicker than others. Better fluency, navigation, interface, menu, and windows system make it a complete and the first choice for people.

Download Phoenix OS

Bliss OS:

Another great operating system to try out is Bliss OS, designed for running games. Great graphics compared to other OS with the best performance when running 3D games and BlissOS allows turning off the main screen via laptop’s key function, and mirror option is available too, hence it supports second screen function. Moreover, most 3D games will occupy the whole screen and will not leave any spaces whereas other OS lack this function.

X Platforms:

Support for Windows OS, MAC android devices and now the update with Tablets compatibility.

Furthermore, they have added their player, which can be accessed inside the Windows, now this makes it easier to open Bliss OS without restarting every time. Overall, Bliss OS works best for apps and gaming purposes.

Download Bliss OS

Prime OS:

Claiming 3rd position in the best Android operating systems for PC is Prime OS. An astounding feature of Prime OS is that it happens to be a standalone OS, which means it will provide 2x performance in contrast with other emulators running on a host OS. GooglePlay and Google Services are pre-installed, moreover, equipped with a Gaming center for game fanatics. Dual boot with a single click when utilizing the PrimeOS installer.

Moreover, this is a pretty straightforward and speedy OS with a complete desktop interface that might look similar to the others. Hence Prime OS is the easiest and a rather simple OS recommended for Android users with less knowledge regarding Windows.

Download Prime OS

Our Judgment:

All of the above mentioned are superb and have their specialties. For light specification gaming emulator, one should opt for LD Player, however higher specification gaming emulator Gameloop, BlueStacks, and Nox Player are better. Nevertheless, for testing purposes, LD Player, Nox Player, and MEmu are more dependable. Gaming remains unsuited for Android emulating operating systems as they will not be able to match performance with other emulators. However, they are exceptional for the normal usage of android on a bigger screen though mediocre for gaming purposes.