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I have seen many people hunting for a trustworthy guide to get their phones unlocked. There are very few posts with detailed information on Web and that is the reason we decided to come up with a fresh guide to help users. If you cross-over the issue and are hunting for “how to bypass iPhone 6 passcode with Siri” stick in here, we are going to provide you a detailed guide.

iPhone the biggest franchise of smartphones is considered the most protected device on the face of the earth. With the passage of time, the brand has adopted the world’s best practices to protect the data stored in it. I have seen people visiting service shops in just bypassing the phone’s passcode. There has been some procedure in the past to bypass the code seamlessly. But, it seems the brand is aware of them all and is continuously blocking those loopholes. Still, there are some security holes which enable people to bypass the passcode on iPhone 6.

Bypass iPhone 6 passcode with Siri:

How to Bypass iPhone 6 Passcode with Siri Method

This is a freshly unearthed iOS security loophole to bypass lock screen easily. You can have an iPhone device such as iPads, iPods, iPhones, and others iOS 8 to iOS 10 to access your photos, messages, contacts accessible in seconds.

This is the simplest guide to reach out the sensitive data of an iPhone. All of you have to get the help of your old Friend Siri and some good luck.

Let’s unwrap this method and look at what to do in case to bypass our iPhone device.

iPhones Lock Screen Bypass iOS 8.0:

  • First, you need the phone number of the iPhone device which you want to unlock or bypass the passcode. If you do not recall the number, you can ask Siri “Who am I“, Siri will show up the phone number.
  • Now, you need to have another smartphone to call on this iPhone device number. As the call appears on the iPhone’s screen tap “Message” button following “Custom“.
  • Now, get back to Siri and ask her to “Turn on VoiceOver“. Wait for her turning on the voice over and now go back to the message by using the home button.
  • After that, double tap on the address field.
  • do not forget to keep a finger on the address field.
  • As you need to tap on the keyboard using another finger.
  • If you have done this correctly, the way we mentioned. There will be a frame around the address field. The icon which appears next to the text input will side over.
  • It takes minutes sometimes to follow the method correctly, does not freak out and have some patience to follow the guide repeatedly.
  • If you have successfully passed the tapping section. Go back to Siri again and ask her for turning off the voiceover.
  • Now, tap on any letter on the keyboard. You will see the results of all contacts starting with the tapped keyboard.
  • If you do not see any result on the screen, you might not have saved any phone number with that letter.
  • Now, when you see the contact you need to have a closer to look on it. Tap on the “i” to read information about the contact.
  • All contacts might not show up with the information tag. You will get to the contact detail, from where you can get the photos, messages, the phone’s stored data.
  • To access your phone’s data, tap on create a new contact and “Add Photo“. From here you can browse through all the images, data and contacts stored on the phone.

This was the simplest guide to bypass iPhone 6 passcode. You will not need any passcode or finger sensor to access the iPhone’s data.

Alternative Ways:

If you do not find this way useful, and finding it hard to follow this guide. There are other ways, apps to go with. You can follow that application or software to skip off your iPhone password. For this, I must recommend the iCloud Bypass tool.