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Camscanner is one of the best and powerful image scanner applications. Every android user will know about this to manage their documents. But today’s post is all about how to use a Camscanner for PC. Guide to install it on your PC Windows 8, Windows 10, or the MAC os Computers.

All this and a free download link for you to download and way of proper installation. Supporting for Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, and on the MAC Os laptop or desktop computer.

Key Features:

This application is free to use and has many smart features. Some of them we mention in down coming lines with proper headlines. Let’s check them out in deep details on the go.

PDF Converter – IMG Into PDF:

Convert your images into PDF format, so you can do send it to anyone. PDF format is the popular format most of the people using for their documents. This is the way better and similar to the bar code scan and QR code web scanning.

High Quality Scanning:

Do scan properly with quality output for achieving one of the best results. High definition (HD) results will Satisfying users and fulfill their requirements.

Self Scanner will help you to scan your desired documents from home. You do not need to go to the market or anywhere for scanning the files. This is the most significant advantage of a quick scan.

Cloud Files:

Can save your files remotely on online on cloud storage by Camscanner. This will save all your documents files to a preferred and secure online database. So whenever you required your documents, can bring them and will available for you.

Camscanner for PC will also do a favor to your images, pictures and PDF file. It will make them 100% safe secure and always viable to you.

CamScanner For PC

Permanent Storage:

The storage that will be given to you is constant and always there for you. You just have to create an account with a simple registration form. You will set your user name and password, latter on with this go to sign in page.

You can also use your Gmail as a username and login with that too. The password you are using will remain the same.

Store your files including images that you can to the online platform. And also it will save the files into the device storage and that is always accessible to you from your phone. Send them to anyone offline and online too.

CamScanner For PC

Camscanner For PC:

With your desktop cam or with your laptop cam you can do scan files. To avail the service you must have installed Camscanner for PC.

To install and use it in all the ways to scan your document. Just follow these below steps one by one as you can see in the below guide.

How To Install Camscanner for PC Windows & MAC?

Initially, download an Android emulator on your PC laptop or either on your Desktop Computer. It depends on the operating system that you can use to perform your daily work.

  • On the specific page for Android emulators will show up the best list.
  • Chose one and install it on your computer.
  • Now go to the search area after installation.
  • Type CamScanner on the search bar and hit enter.
  • Some results come up and at the top, you can see Camscanner for PC.
  • Click on it and start installing in on the personal computer.
  • Once installed it will be ready to use after.


In the final words, we are again ensuing you, that you are now ready to use its services. Cam scanner will be your perfect choice to scan your important files, images, Docs, and any more.