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CDMA Workshop tool is a free marketplace application called MSL Booklover that effectively searches for my MSL. This operation will only work for non-rooted devices. It does not require root access. Flex Grip is the official developer of this tool.

Download the latest full version of CDMA Workshop for Windows PC for free here. So you are waiting for what? Let’s click on the link and download it. This full-version does not require any keygen or any extra step to work on. Free and always good to go with network locked devices to unlock using the sim method.

What is the CDMA Workshop?

CDMA Workshop is a professionally powerful software service that can use on any CDMA 800, 1900, WCDMA, IXVDO, GSM, LTE, tablet, smartphones, and fixed terminals. It is useful, and any unlocked job requires fast and fast programming or tool capable of reprogramming CDMA devices. Ready to work with data cards and much more.

CDMA is safe to use on your computer and does not include religious rights. It is effortless, beneficial, authentic, and quick programming for any unlocked work or reprogramming of CDMA devices.

Features CDMA workshop tool

  • It is safe and secure to use
  • CDMA workshop Not required root device
  • It is easy to use and everyone can use it
  • It is a very good app and Ready to work with, data cards
  • CDMA workshop is completely free and has not any hidden charges
  • Its size is small and takes low space in your device
  • No need for a credit card it’s Free of cost
  • And much more

How To Unlock Any CDMA Modem /Dongle for all Sim networks?

When you are using the internet, all internet data cards are lock with one network. You cannot use another network SIM with it. To managing dongle for unlocking purposes in a multitasking way. Yes, it is one of the best dongle manager tools for your CDMA devices as well. But you can use your CDMA modem to use other network cards in this article. Learn to unlock.

Many people want to know about CDMA modem, so I tried to solve this problem for CDMA modem users. It isn’t easy to unlock a CDMA modem, but I will try to make it as easy as possible for a novice to learn other networks in this tutorial.

  • First of all, you should Download CDMA Workshop.
  • Then connect your CDMA modem.
  • Now click on the Windows key and type Device Manager, open it, increase the ports, and see which port your modem.
  • Now run you can CDMA Workshop and select the COM PORT to which your modem is connected, and then click Connect.
  • Now open the Security tab for which you need to enter SPC value 000000 and click on the SPC button and then send
  • The information window will pop up. Press “SPC is OK. The phone is open,” OK.

Now open another tab from the R-UIM configuration. Select R-UIM, then click Write.


In this article, we discussed in detail about CDMA workshop tool. We tried to give you the solutions to your entire problem related to the CDMA workshop tool. But if you have any other query connect with us; we will try our best to solve your entire question related to the CDMA workshop tool.

Here are the new version releases up there. Get it from the link below, Unzip the zip file and start installation on your PC. This full cracked version of the latest CDMA workshop from our official website servers.