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It is the unlimited diamond app VIP free fire mod menu by devilajit
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Devil Ajit is a free-fire tool. It gives players a premium weapon (Devil Ajit) and lets them add tricks to their skill tree. As the popularity of video game technology continues to evolve, there are now a plethora of free-to-play online games with premium features. It lets you customize your own weapons and fire at will! The game is a good fit for people who enjoy action games.

Many fans of the mobile game “Mobile Legend Bang Bang” are so many that they’re almost too numerous to count. Free Fire’s diamonds will now be given in significant quantities so that the experience is not only better but also easier. You can use these gems to meet your requirements.

What is Devil Ajit?

The Devil Ajit Free-Fire is an advanced multi-purpose tool that can be used as a paintball gun, a rifle, a shotgun, and even a grenade launcher! It allows players to enjoy all the fun of playing with a real firearm. It has a variety of modes that challenge you to become the best.

This tool Devil Ajit is created with the intention of unlocking expensive costumes and injecting tools into the game. This utility provides you with a limitless supply of diamonds, which you may use to unlock features. Diamonds can be used to purchase the most recent goods in the game. So it is similar to H4x mod menu and ffh4x for the FF gamers.


Devil Ajit is the best gaming injector ever made. This APK provides excellent account security features. Anti-ban is a great part of this Mod. It is specially designed for android users. There are some of its features, such as

Auto Aim

It will automatically track your target. With the auto-aim, the game adjusts the aiming angle automatically for each shot.

Aimbot Fire

It allows you to fire guns from any angle with just one touch. You can aimbot, aim at the back of the enemy player’s head, and fire as fast as you can!

Aimbot Scope

This feature of Devil Ajit will allow you to see where you shot on screen. So when you miss, you’ll know just how you let the shot go.

Crouch Aimbot

The Crouch Aimbot does not slow down your shots! So you can be as fast as you want to be. Because this aimbot is all about speed.

Aim Fov

You can keep shooting even if you get hit by gunfire from a different angle. Plus, you can turn it off to become totally invisible.

Aim Spot Desativado

Once you’ve been targeted, a bright red circle appears around your target area. It’s a must-have for those of you who enjoy blasting your opponents from across the room.

ESP Fire

 The unique injector features dual water jets that shoot water through a specially designed nozzle to create a cone of water from which you can shoot a range of projectiles.

Grenade Esp

When you pull the trigger, it automatically disables the firing pin, preventing accidental discharge.

Esp box

 It keeps your computer safe, with no wires or electrical connectors inside.

Fly mode

You will also be able to shoot from the fly and use your mouse to select your target.

Medkin running

You’ll never have to wonder where you stand on your opponents. The new Medkin running feature shows you.


This allows you to teleport back and forth without firing. That way you don’t miss a shot.


The best combat system for video games comes with a slew of tools. These will help you win the battle in your favorite game. Because of the current features, this Devil ajit APK has complete access to inject features into the game without encountering any difficulties. This tool is built to handle everything users need from it. It has all the functionality users are looking for. Go ahead and download it now.

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