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If you got a Google Nexus device, or want to setup Android Studio on your Windows computer, you are needed to download and install Google USB driver on your PC. Though Windows PC got some MTP commands to interact with an external device, sometimes you are required to create a strong interaction for your smooth work. In this case, you would have download Google USB driver and install on your PC, without of this USB driver, your computer may not recognize your device or may not allow you to set up an Android studio to create Android applications on your computer.
Google USB driver does not only help you to interact with your Google Nexus device, but all other Android devices will be easy to recognizable from your computer. These USB drivers are Universal hence most of the Android devices will be compatible with this. The good thing is you can download and install these drivers manually, though Android SDK manager also contains Google USB driver files.
Download Google USB Drivers For Windows
You can download Google USB driver from our servers, can install on your Windows computer, to interact with your Android device. Your personal computer will easily recognize your mobile device; hence communication from both the sides of the data cable will become easier.
Though cloud services are available now, can move content from one side to the other side without of connecting with a data cable, but, sometimes, you have to connect the device to interact with it for many purposes?
One more thing, these Google USB drivers will help you in ADB debugging your Android applications on your Nexus device. If you have already installed Android SDK manager on your Windows7/10 computer, there are a lot of chances that you would be installed this driver already. In that case, you have not to install this driver on your PC, just connect and do your job.
So, you can download Google USB drivers from the link below. We already have created and adapted the link for your convenience; you can tap the link below and get the setup file. If the link is not working, comment down in the comment section.
Download >>> Google USB Driver

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