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EFT Dongle
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Detail of EFT Dongle

Today, we bring you a flashing tool that is going to fix all the critical issues of mobile devices. Repair your phone with EFT Dongle Pro. When the mobile phone starts working slow or gets locked, a tour to the mobile service center becomes mandatory where they flash or repair the mobile with new updates. Many flashing tools carry useful features to unlock and flash the handset. As the market for mobile devices is expanding, developers are coming forward with new tools for repairing and servicing. Not all tools fit the bill, some lacking functionality while others have errors.

What is EFT Dongle?

EFT Dongle Pro is a China-based flashing software that supports multiple mobile phone brands. A user might have come across similar flashing tools like GRT dongle, Infinity box setup, and Avengers Box Crack but this iCloud Bypass Tool is going to surpass others in functionality.

Unlock, flash, repair, and bypass FRP with Dongle. This tool works at a fast pace and does the unlocking in 5 to 60 seconds.

Supported Brands

Each flashing tool supports selective brands. Not all flashing tools are meant for all brands but give support for a few. EFT Dongle also supports many Android devices and others.
It supports Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Asus, Sony, Motorola, Qualcomm, MTK, Spreadrum, and Exynos.


EFT Dongle pro is not just limited to flashing but also carries a lot of other useful features. With this software, a mobile user can flash the mobile himself and save a few bucks. It caters to a large base of users and has the following features

  • Supports several Android devices
  • Super fast, does its job in seconds
  • No data loss works without touching partitions like data, system, and cache.
  • Flash to renew dead mobile phones
  • Remove the screen lock and bypass FRP with four different methods.
  • Provides direct unlocking and ERP removal of new and old phone models.
  • Supports multiple languages like Arabic, Hindi, Turkish, Vietnamese, Farsi, French, and Russian to facilitate a large user base.
  • Read flasher factory, patterns, sim codes, and preloader.
  • Remove network errors with easy to use user interface.

What’s New In EFT Dongle Pro?

EFT Dongle pro is a mobile repairing application that functions through a powerful engine to detect and repair mobile-related issues. Developers keep on adding updates to make it better for the users.

iCloud Bypass

  • Advanced root explorer
  • Multiple translators
  • Updated online dictionary
  • Data backup facility

How to Download EFT Dongle Pro?

Now that you know what it offers, the next rational step would be to download the tool. Here how you can crack EFT Dongle Pro.

  • Download the setup
  • Run EFT_DONGLE.exe as administrator
  • Connect Dongle with the computer.
  • Navigate to the go-to Device Manager > select smart card > update driver >

Next, up, go to the Device Managers, search my computer for driver software > let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer > smart cards > identity device (Microsoft Generic Profile) > update driver warning > click YES now.

  • Go to the Device Manager and select a > choose smart card > update driver >.
  • Go to registry and tap on the register button to register dongle.
  • The software is ready to use.

Putting it all together, EFT dongle pro is an all-in-one repair tool that solves many of the mobile’s critical problems. This application is so easy to use that a user can repair and recover the mobile phone himself. Take help from YT tutorial videos, if things are still not clear, take help from a professional.

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