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ELAN I2C Filter Driver is software that enables your computer to recognize and utilize Elantech keyboard & mouse products, such as keyboard and mouse combinations. To ensure smooth running without issues or surprises, periodically updating this driver may be beneficial – to make this process quicker and simpler, try using Driver Genius for automatic downloading & installation of updated drivers – this saves both time and effort!

Drivers are files that provide instructions to a piece of hardware on how to operate. Installing the appropriate touchpad driver allows your computer to recognize it and unlock any developed features. If your Elan touchpad is malfunctioning, the driver may require updating.

If your Elan touchpad stopped functioning after upgrading to Windows 10, this could be caused by a problem in the driver downloaded and installed by Windows Update. To remedy this, disable this feature and install a fresh copy from the manufacturer’s website.

What is ELAN I2C Filter Driver?

ELAN I2C Filter Driver is a software program that enables your computer to recognize and utilize keyboard and mouse input. Installing this program on your computer is essential if you wish to utilize all the features provided by an Elan touchpad.

This package provides drivers to install an ELAN I2C Filter Driver on your Windows PC, following the original installer offered by its manufacturer.

If you are having difficulty with downloading and installing Microsoft’s latest drivers for your device, use a tool such as Driver Genius to automatically download and install them for you. This will ensure your device stays up to date while also helping prevent installation-related complications from arising.

Installation of ELAN I2C Filter Driver:

The ELAN I2C Filter Driver is essential for making sure that your Elantech keyboard and mouse can communicate with your computer effectively, so keeping this software updated is crucial to ensure the proper functionality of your system. Below you will find links to download the most up-to-date ELAN I2C Filter Driver version on a Windows operating system computer.

If your Elan touchpad is having issues, they could be related to the driver downloaded by Windows Update. To fix this, try Driver Easy; an advanced program that automatically finds and updates drivers for your computer. It comes in both free and PRO versions for ease of use.


  • If your Elantech device has stopped functioning as expected, it could be because Windows Update installed an invalid driver.
  • In such an instance, reconnect the device and install a fresh copy of its driver from Elantech directly.
  • The ELAN I2C Filter Driver is a software bundle that helps the computer recognize and use keyboard/mouse devices.
  • Easy to install, this driver offers many useful features.
  • The ELAN I2C Filter Driver supports MIDI, which is a digital language for connecting computers and musical instruments together.
  • Furthermore, this driver can also control computer audio input/output (such as headphones/speakers, etc), as well as act as an audio receiver for microphones used for recording/editing music.


ELAN I2C Filter Driver is an essential piece of software that allows your computer to recognize and utilize Elantech keyboards & mice, without which it would not function correctly. Easy to install, this driver offers numerous benefits. Plus it can even be updated automatically using Driver Genius!

Downloading the most up-to-date driver is recommended to ensure maximum compatibility with your operating system. Click the green “Download” button here, and select your OS, device name, and device model before beginning. When complete, run the installer to install your driver.