Fargo DTC1000 Driver

Fargo DTC1000 Driver

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Detail of Fargo DTC1000 Driver

Print and encode ID cards easily with the Fargo DTC1000 Driver budget-friendly dual-sided printing and encoding inline for maximum savings in time and money. Rewritable capability helps cut costs and waste by enabling you to erase and reuse cards in-house.

HID Fargo DTC1000 Driver is an affordable full-color plastic ID card printer/encoder offering professional quality printing at an economical price point for use by small businesses, schools, or local government offices. Easy setup, use, and maintenance make the DTC1000 an industry-standard solution, backed up with an industry-leading two-year warranty.

ENERGY STAR certified, the DTC1000 offers reduced power consumption through its sleep mode setting and design enhancements that minimize energy use when standing by or idle. Furthermore, its integrated print ribbon and cleaning cartridge simplifies supply replacement and printer maintenance.

Utilizing the most up-to-date driver and firmware helps maximize performance, quality, and stability for the Fargo DTC1000 Driver printer. Furthermore, downloads provide general troubleshooting assistance as well as tips for optimizing printed cards, guidance on printer calibration, etc. For maximum quality cards that retain their warranty on printing hardware use only genuine Fargo ribbons and supplies – these also report printer status directly back to host computers, enabling seamless integration with BarTender barcode software and other Windows programs.

What is Fargo DTC1000 Driver?

The Fargo DTC1000 Driver card printer/encoder is an affordable and energy-efficient card printer/encoder that is ideal for organizations seeking to produce full-color plastic ID cards on a tight budget. ENERGY STAR-certified design reduces energy usage during sleep mode and standby mode; eco-friendly erase and rewrite functionality makes this device suitable for producing temporary visitor badges with reduced waste production.

This printer boasts a small footprint and installation is quick and straightforward, without needing additional software. The intuitive user interface features color-coded status notifications. Furthermore, it’s all-in-one print ribbon/cleaning cartridge makes loading much simpler. The DTC1000 printer from HID can be easily upgraded in-field to support dual-sided printing and multiple contactless smart card encoding technologies (such as HID iCLASS technology). Customers can easily adapt as their needs shift with its global customer support and warranty program backing it.

Features of Fargo DTC1000 Driver:

The Fargo DTC1000 provides high-quality ID card printing and security encoding solutions in an extremely compact footprint, making it the ideal solution for schools, employee badges, membership, and loyalty cards.

Offering single and dual-sided printing options as well as proximity and HID iCLASS technology encoding options – anyone can produce professional-looking cards without extensive training required!

The Fargo DTC1000 Driver printer’s Energy Star rating means it can save you money on energy costs by automatically switching to a lower power mode when not being used. Furthermore, this streamlined design boasts an intuitive user interface and color-coded buttons for status notifications; plus its easy-loading all-in-one ribbon cartridges and cleaning roller make maintenance effortless.

Genuine Fargo printer ribbons (YMCKOK) provide exceptional print quality in both full-color images and one-color text or barcodes, using four dye panels that generate various hues of magenta, two layers of black resin that form text/barcodes, and an overlay panel designed to protect printed images from damage. The letter Y stands for “YMC” (YMC stands for four dye panels that create various shades of magenta), an overlay panel protecting printed images against damage (M), and finally the letter K (K).

Easy to Use:

The Fargo DTC1000 Driver offers maximum efficiency with its user-friendly design. It quickly prints full-color plastic ID and technology cards in one pass, making the printer virtually maintenance-free. An all-in-one print ribbon and card cleaning cartridge make ribbon loading simpler, while it’s Swift ID badging application enables users to create customized ID cards instantly without additional software.

The DTC1000’s ENERGY STAR rating ensures it consumes less power when operating or in sleep mode, helping lower energy costs and consumption. Furthermore, its power button can be used instead of plugging it in directly, further cutting back energy usage.

Fargo Workbench offers clear instructions to easily update the driver and firmware on an ID card printer, helping correct minor faults, improve functionality and ensure compatibility with new versions of Windows. Furthermore, this free utility from its manufacturer’s website enables users to monitor printer status as well as manage situations. It can update both at once or one at a time.

Easy to Maintain:

The DTC1000 card printer/encoder is an ideal choice for small businesses, schools, and local government agencies who need an affordable way to produce full-color ID cards on demand. Featuring both single- and dual-sided printing options as well as intuitive operation and supply replacement; its two-year manufacturer warranty also offers peace of mind.

This printer is certified ENERGY STAR and therefore eco-friendly when it comes to printing for your organization. Additionally, its capability of printing on rewritable cards further cuts printing costs and waste production.

User-friendly design makes the Fargo DTC1000 Driver easy for first-time users to set up and operate, even for novice users. Furthermore, its no PC required feature allows it to quickly produce employee ID cards and photo badges without software programs like Microsoft Office. Color-coded buttons provide system status notifications while an all-in-one print ribbon and cleaning cartridge make loading simpler than ever! Its sleek yet user-friendly design makes the DTC1000 an economical yet easy way to print high-quality ID cards – perfect for employee identification cards, student IDs membership programs, or loyalty programs.!