FRP Lock Removal Software Tool Free Download For Windows

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FRP Lock Removal Software Tool

FRP Lock Removal Software: Factory reset protection is a feature of Android which stops the use of factory reset without of proper Gmail account information. The feature was not available before Android 4.0, but later on, Android indulges this. Though we can discuss the pros and cons of this feature, still, the feature is very helpful to save the data to get it deleted.

What is FRP Lock?

If you are not taking the concept of FRP, to make you understand- we use pattern lock to prevent unauthorized access to the phone by the other users. And we do this because we do not want anyone just get the data viewed. The same goes to FRP lock when you enable FRP option, no one would just get your data erased. FRP is viable to protect your device from unauthorized access, in case of theft or loss

You logged into the Android phone using Google account, and the account is already logged in. So, anybody just opens and get your data erased. But, with the FRP lock, one has to provide the Gmail account credentials, if thy person cannot provide, will not be able to erase the mobile phone’s data.

But, the problem came when an authorized user of the mobile phone forgets the Google account credentials, or if a person purchased the used mobile phone. In this case, he may not be able to get the phone goes Factory reset option, as it requires the Google account details, and we do not know that.

In this case, the software FRP Lock removal came, and by using this software, we can bypass this FRP option. And get the account erased all data what we do not want in the phone. The use of this software is not that difficult, but in starting you need to know how the software originally works. Once you go through this process by reading, you will actually execute it.

How to remove FRP lock of an Android phone?

This software can only be installed on the Windows computer. And you need to have a computer, install this software there, and execute the entire process what I am going to elaborate in here.

  1. Download FRP lock removal software Here >> FRP lock removal tool > Download
  2. You can only get this software installed on a Windows computer; this is not for Mac or Linux devices.
  3. The software will be in a zip, extract it to your desktop
  4. Click on the setup file
  5. And begin the installation of this; it will create no hurdle further, just follow the written screen commands
  6. Restart your computer once, and connect the mobile whose FRP lock you want to bypass
  7. Launch the tool; you will be notified on your tool whenever a device would be connected

So, you can get the basic information about your mobile phone, like the Android version, RAM details, ROM details and much more. Now, you just tap on the FRP lock option and get it bypassed with one click. This can take a few minutes to actually do it, bear with the software, and do not be hasty You will get the mobile phone FRP bypassed, and now you can use the Factory reset option of the phone, and get the data erased from there.

Google bypass FRP Unlock
Download Google bypass FRP lock Removal Tool/Software

FRP Lock removal software as the name mentions the job, remove the FRP lock of the phone. But, this is not the only tasks one can get from this. You can remove the lock screen of the phone, bypassing the lock screen or get your account’s screen PIN code using the same.

Features of FRP Lock Removal Tool:

This is the software which can remove the lock within a few minutes. You are not required to be a tech genuine to actually execute the process. With few clicks of the finger, simply get the phone unlocked with the FRP lock.

  • Remove the FRP lock of the phone, bypass the FRP lock
  • Remove any kind of Mobile phone’s pattern lock
  • Simple and clean interface with clean navigation
  • 100 secure, no data loss
  • You will not get a bricked phone, or a software damaged phone by using the software
  • It supports all kind of Android phones, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Nokia, and others.
  • Install it on any Windows version

So, download FRP lock removal software from the given download link. Install it on your computer, to get your FRP lock removed. If you get any error, please mention in the comment section, we will be there to help you.

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