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Detail of Hisuite

Description – Hisuite:

HiSuite is an application that allows you to connect your phone to a PC, like every manufacturer, Huawei also took this step and introduced its suite some years ago. Now, the interface and features of this suite are touching sky-high popularity, and the big fish even are getting inspiration from this suite. So, if you have a Huawei mobile phone and not using this suite, you are missing a great tool already. Just download HiSuite from the given download link, and install it on your Windows computer, and see the astonishing features of this simple application.

Huawei comes with a different name, out of the box, unlike other mobile phone brands which only add the Suite after the brand name. HiSuite is something very special very Huawei mobile phone users and it is the way to customize, control, and backup your mobile phone with tons of different and variant options.

This tool offers several other programs, like music management, reading and sending SMS directly from your computer, and installing or managing the installed apps on your phone. This application, you can say is a great time saver, you can save many hours of your day but just connecting the phone to this tool.

HiSuite Features:

  • It manages your data and application
  • You can download and install apps
  • Send an SMS using your computer
  • Backup the data, synchronization of the important data
  • Music management
  • Management of your data on the device

HiSync is also a different thing; you can synchronize your mobile phone contents to your phone and can cope with the content with double the speed compared to other hush tools.

You can synchronize your contacts, and contact details, and back up the data, like photos, videos, and music, saving the backup files to the phone’s SD card, Disk, or cloud storage.

HiSuite allows you to even share your phone’s internet connection to your computer, or just send the SMS using your computer and to your phone’s contacts.