How to Connect Mobile to Laptop PC

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Hello guys, today in this post I am going to show how to connect Mobile to laptop very easily and instantly. The method I would like to share with you guys doesn’t require any extra software, USB Driver, Android App or something else. All your needs are, you have a laptop computer and an Android mobile device that you want to connect. This kind of connectivity is also known as Screen Mirroring or Smart view anyways.

What is Smart View or Screen Mirroring

Well, actually when you have to mirror your screen from one device to another. The basic thing is to get a larger view or to enjoy the same screen on more than one device. When it comes to connecting two of the devices are your laptop a Mobile. This would be very beneficial in so many aspects that people may want to do.

So, let’s begin;

As I already mentioned in the above paragraph that this method overcomes these below points. Connect your Android Mobile phones to the laptop without using a USB data cable. No PC software or neither any Android Application is necessary to get this job done.

You Might Have Some Question?

Let me first answer all of the questions that come up on your mind with such connectivity.

How to connect mobile to laptop wireless or just using your WiFi internet connection. You can connect your mobile to PC via WIFi network is now possible.


  • A Windows installed Laptop or a Desktop Computer
  • Any Android Mobile phone
  • WiFi network

Initially, you have to connect your both devices (laptop & Mobile Device) to the same WiFi network. Right after just follow the steps one after gradually that I listed below. Your further clarification I take screenshots and grab them into the post to make it more clear.

Settings To Do On Your PC / Laptop

To connect your Android Mobile phone to PC you have to tack some steps on your PC. And at the same time on your Android Mobile phone as well. So, here I mentioned the steps to do first on your Computer. Then in the down section of this post, you can find the Mobile things to know about the term. Which you are searching for, that how to connect Mobile to PC Laptop with a WiFi connection (Wireless).

Step one: (On our PC)

Go to the notification area on your Window’s taskbar > Click on all settings option there.

Check the Number (1) and (2) from the below screenshot Image.

All Settings

Step 2: (On your PC)

Now just click on the System where you can find Display, Sounds, Notifications and power options.


Step 3: (On your PC)

Now just go to the Projecting to this PC option by scrolling down from System menu.

Projecting to this PC

Now that’s all, the above things you should have to do on your Windows Computer. Underneath are the steps which you have to do on your Mobile phone so you will get connected both devices.

Settings To Do On Your Mobile (Any Android Device)

Step 4 (On your Mobile Phone)

Extra features

From your drop-down menu tap on the Smart view option. In some devices, this smart View also named Screen Mirroring. So first make sure of it. For clarity check the image just right below.

Smart View
Smart View

Step 5 (On your Android)

Your Mobile phone automatically detects at the moment right away. And detect your PC / Laptop within a while. So just tap on it and it will make you connect both devices. I-e Connect your Android Mobile phone to PC laptop.

Connecting to Desktop

Step 6 (On your PC)

So, in the end, you have to just click on the Ok button. That a screen appears on your PC after your phone detects that PC.


After this click, immediately you see your Mobile screen is appearing / Mirroring on your Computers / Laptop Windows.

You can use this smart view to fulfill your projector requirements in a very simple way. Make your screen larger and surf your Mobile screen over on your Computer.

Wait, this is not the end here, you can also take control of your Computer’s screen from your phone. And at the same time, you can control your phone’s screen from your Laptop. That’s really cool yeah..! I know this would be fun now to connect your Mobile to laptop ever. Thanks for your visit and enjoy a happy Smart Screen View.