How To Reset iPhone Without Passcode And Computer

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Have you purchased a new phone and want to reset it? But, you do not have the passcode. Neither has you wanted to connect it to the computer? There can be many reasons why one reaches this stage. Maybe you purchased a phone from a friend or shopping center, now you need to reset it and have no access to the passcode. So, there are many ways to follow and to nail the issue down.

I personally found that we must come up with the most suitable solutions. Not to drag our loyal visitors without providing anything substantial. So, stick to the guide and here we are going to reveal how to reset iPhone without passcode and computer. Follow the footprints and see how the method works.

How to reset a locked iPhone using iCloud (Without passcode and computer)?

If you have forgotten the passcode, or you do not know the passcode and want to factory reset your iPhone, iCloud can be the best alternative. A factory reset is always a hard decision; you reach to this when you do not have any other option to go with. The factory reset erases your all data and makes your phone calls on the factory resetting. It will also remove all the passwords. The phone will be reverted and back to the factory made conditions.

Enable Find My Phone:

The method works only if you have enabled Find My Phone option on your device. If you have not, you do not meet the requirements. We will discuss another method in the next section, to reset the iPhone passcode without a computer.

Step 1:

Login to iCloud:

Open a web browser on your computer. Visit and log in using your iCloud ID. You must be using the same iCloud on the iPhone what you want to reset without passcode and computer.

Step 2:

Find My Phone:

Here you see a couple of other options. You will see “Find My iPhone” on the right-hand side. Click on it following all devices.

Find My iPhone Option

Step 3:

If you have been using the same ID with many different devices, it will show up here. Just select the device which you want to erase data with.

Step 4:

Erase iPhone:

Just click on the option “Erase iPhone”. Clicking on this feature will erase all the data from your phone. You see, we have not used any passcode; neither had we connected our phone to computer.

Erase iPhone Option

How to reset locked iPhone using Siri (Without passcode and computer). If the phone what you are using and want to reset is running iOS or iOS 10, you can follow the method and bypass the passcode using Siri. The process not only helps you reach to the bypassing the screen but erasing the data. It will help you to surpass the lock screen.

Step 1:

Press and hold the home button for a few seconds. It will activate Siri and you need to ask a random question, such as what time is it, Siri?

Step 2:

It will open an interface for the world clock. Simply click on add new clock button on the right side of it.

Step 3:

Write textual info, random words showing like you are searching for the city. Put a command and click on the select all button.

iPhone will provide different features such as cut, copy, define and share. You need to continue your journey by clicking the share button.

Step 4:

Click on the message icon and start writing a message.

Step 5:

The iPhone will open the message interface for drafting, start typing in the To field. And tap o the return button suddenly.

Step 6:

The entire text will go green, click on the add button again on the right-hand side. And click on create new contact button.

Step 7:

As you are trying to add a new contact, tap on the add photo option and select a photo.

Step 8:

Browse the album in the image gallery to choose the image.

Step 9:

Wait for a few seconds and tap on the home button suddenly, it will take you to the main screen of the device.

Congratulations you have reached to the main screen and bypassed the passcode successfully.

Alternative methods to reset iPhone without passcode and computer:

There are applications as well. The apps which can make you trick the passcode and enter into your phone and rest it. You can use that software on computer devices, without having a proper computer, the procedure cannot be carried out. I just want to mention one of the best software or application, 4uKey. This app works fine for removing every type of iPhone passcode, numeric, touch ID, Face ID and much more.

Final Thought:

You can reset your locked iPhone without passcode and computer following the aforementioned methods. They are tested, proven ways and easy to follow as well. If you find anything do not working up for you, comment down in the section. That’s all we know about how to reset iPhone without passcode and Computer.

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