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Have you locked your iPad completely and now trying to find a way to unlock it? Yes, we at some stage of our apple life face the issue. Once, my toddler tried to reach out my iPad and tried passcode too many times to reach the maximum limit and it locked completely.

At that, I really freaked out, as I had no idea what to do. Apple has offered us a splendid security feature if someone steals your iPad, or you drop it anywhere, he would not be able to get your data due to the feature.

The finder tries to open your iPad by guessing the password. In the first wrong passcode attempt; the device will lock itself for one minute. If the person, continues guessing the passcode, and provide the wrong password again, it will lock itself for 5 minutes.

Your Ipad is disabled
Ipad is disabled due to several Wrong password attempts

Further attempts will make him/her iPad permanently locked. This exactly happens to me, and I had no idea what to do.

Let’s go further where you would know how to unlock a disabled iPad following the simplest guide.

How to get a disabled iPad device back?

If your iPad is permanently disabled, the only way to get back it into life would be factory resetting, “resetting of the device to the factory manufacture state”. This is the state when you purchased it, without any data. The data stored in it will be erased. So, you should be ready to endure this hiccup.

It may seem more like a punishment but, it’s actually for protection. If your device has some important or private data, the leakage of them could spoil your reputation or harm your business from the core. This is why; the company has to take this harsh decision, for your data safety. No third-person could reach out your data without your assent.

Find My phone” Option To Unlock Disabled iPad Device:

If you have set up Find My Phone, the simplest method to do it would be through the iCloud method. So, walk with us, and we will get you to the exact procedure of doing it

  • Log into your iCloud account
  • You will see many options there, see Find My iPhone option
  • If you have added more than once device here, it will show all of them. You need to select the device which you want to factory reset.
  • Choose your iPad
  • Click the Erase iPad link

You will see a message pop-up, erasing data of the particular device has been succeeded. So, you see this is the simplest method to get your data erased, and taking your phone back to the normal form. You will be using it in the form like the way you were using without any issue.

I have not set up find my iPad?

If you have been too busy to think that you could ever face the issue, you would not have added the option. There are other options to go with. You can get it restored using the computer you used to set it up or Sync the iPad to iTunes. This will only happen to connect the same computer. If you cannot access that, there are other options as well. First, just have a look at the first option in hand.

How to unlock disabled iPad using a computer?

Yes, here as well you have to face the data erasing issue. The device what you want to restore would be permanently deleted with the data. So, these are the only option, you cannot just have your device back without losing data.

The computer must be the same what you have been using to sync the device. So, let’s see what happens when we follow the method.

Connect your iPad to the computer and launch iTunes. You can launch the iTunes manually if it is not popped up automatically.

Force Restart iPad:

Once you have launched it, you need to force a restart. Hold the sleep/wake button, while holding the home button. You need to hold up the two buttons simultaneously. Release the buttons once you see connect to iTunes has appeared on the screen.

Now, it will ask you to update or restore the device. First, go with the update option. It will download all needed files. It will take some time, better be with the device.

Now, you see the option to provide passcode is kipped or removed. Now you are all set to freely set up your device again without any restriction. This is the simplest method to go down and connect your phone to the computer, you have been connecting before. If you cannot do so, simply mean, you do not own the device.

Final thought:

You might have been viewing some other methods to unlocking disabled iPad. Yes, there are other methods as well. We only provided the simplest and most authentic ways to nail the issue.

So, we hope the guide will help you pass-through the issue successfully. If you still face some issue, or the guide is not making you to go through the problem successfully, please mention in the comment.

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