HTC Desire 530 USB Driver

HTC Desire 530 USB Driver

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Android 6+
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Detail of HTC Desire 530 USB Driver

Free Download the HTC Desire 530 USB Driver provides an effortless means of connecting your smartphone/tablet to a PC or Laptop, allowing for seamless file transfers, backup of texts (including chats), contacts, music, photos, and much more. The phone does not support Quick Charge, yet can still get you through your day quite quickly. Unfortunately, however, it lacks a fingerprint sensor – an unfortunate oversight.

By use HTC Desire 530 USB Driver is the software package that connects your device to Windows PC, enabling you to transfer files, images, music videos, and other data between phone and computer. Furthermore, this program enables backup and restoration of phone data.

HTC’s Desire 530 budget phone looks similar to a scaled-down version of their Desire Eye selfie-centric smartphone, yet features premium build quality not usually associated with smartphones in this price range. Although not composed of aluminum, its polycarbonate unibody is relatively durable and won’t pick up fingerprints as most phones do.

The HTC Desire 530 features the Snapdragon 210 processor and 1.5GB of RAM for an adequate performance that can handle most basic apps, as well as run games such as Temple Run or Pokemon Go without issue. Additionally, its 5-inch Super LCD panel works well outdoors; though not as sharp as an OLED panel it still delivers impressive visuals.

What is HTC Desire 530 USB Driver?

After the release of their flagship HTC 10, HTC is back with another budget-friendly device in their Desire lineup – the Desire 530 is amongst the first we have seen from this lineup, yet still manages to pack plenty of features into its low price point.

The HTC 530 was specifically created with children in mind, making it both eye-catching and with unique touches that should delight. These include its polycarbonate unibody that doesn’t collect fingerprints like other HTC devices with shiny plastic bodies do; as well as its distinctive “sprinkle” color – something only found here! – and its box even matches it!

This phone runs a familiar version of Android Marshmallow with HTC Sense running on top. While its implementation may be less obtrusive than previous iterations of Sense, features like HTC BlinkFeed and streaming audio/video via HDMI remain. Furthermore, it boasts an impressive camera for its price point.

How to check HTC Desire 530 USB Driver?

If you’re trying to connect your HTC Desire 530 Android Phone device to your computer but keep getting an error message about ‘The USB driver software was not correctly installed,’ download and install the latest HTC drivers by opening Control Panel > Device Manager.

Once you have downloaded and extracted your HTC Desire 530 USB Driver, open it and click “Update Driver Software.” Select “Browse my computer for driver software” before choosing where you extracted the driver from, before finally clicking on “Finish” to install your new HTC Desire 530 USB Driver.

Rooting your HTC Desire 530 can be very useful if you want to install Xposed modules, increase battery life or remove bloatware. However, it’s essential to understand the risks of rooting, including potentially voiding warranties and bricking your phone if done incorrectly – carefully follow instructions when rooting and create backup copies before beginning this process.

Safe to Use HTC Desire 530 USB Driver:

HTC Desire 530 USB Driver is safe to download and install without containing viruses or malware, making it simple and straightforward to connect your HTC device to your PC. We advise keeping all drivers updated to avoid issues related to connectivity and stability.

The HTC Desire 530 is an Android smartphone and tablet designed by American manufacturer HTC and released in August 2015. The phone features a 4.7-inch HD (1280 720) Super LCD screen at approximately 320 DPI resolution as well as a quad-core 1.1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor.

HTC Desire 530 features a removable battery, FM radio, and microSD card slot for expansion. Running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

HTC Sync Manager is a free tool designed to make managing your phone and computer easier. Use it to transfer files, install updates, backup contacts and restore them if they become lost or deleted from either. Download it from the HTC website; its latest version supports Windows 8, 7, and 10 – make sure your developer options and USB debugging settings are enabled first!


The HTC Desire 530 features a single mono speaker situated at its bottom. This loud yet balanced speaker can fill a small room, reproducing music and video content as well as connecting external speakers via Bluetooth or a 3.5-mm headphone jack. If you have any queries about the HTC Desire 530 USB Driver, feel free to post them here. Ensure to provide as much detail as possible about both your issue and question so other HTC owners can offer helpful answers more quickly.