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HTC Sync Manager

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Detail of HTC Sync Manager

HTC Sync Manager review:

HTC Sync Manager is the application that lets you move and Sync your contacts, videos, files, and other stuff from your phone to your computer and vice versa with style. The application offers astonishingly welcoming features to the users and stands head and shoulder above the rest of the apps in the same niche. The use of the application is superbly easy; the interface has been designed to offer simple features with great comfort. You have no need to roam around and navigate from one section to the other, to get your data copied.

Here on HTC Sync Manager copy the music from your computer or vice versa. Just tap on the Music section of the application. Select your files on your computer, and just hold and drop them to the HTC Sync manager’s audio section. To get the videos and other files copied from the computer to the mobile phone do the same. Select, drag, and drop on the relevant portion.

Features of HTC Sync Manager:

  • Sync personal content.
  • Organize your phone with the help of a multimedia organizer.
  • Update your HTC phone with the latest version of firmware available. This makes an update and your phone works very fast.
  • Get the complete backup of your videos and audio music files.
  • Transfer data from iPhone devices to HTC phones.
  • When you lose your phone, this will help to get the┬ádata to be retrieved. This way you are safe and sound, and the data on your phone is syncing for security.

Hold it for a second, it is not finished yet, there are dozens of features that could blow you away. Like, you can get your data backed up, the contacts, calendar, files, videos, and other stuff. If needed, and you have already backed up the data, restore it with just one click. To get that option, though there is no separate section made. You will have to visit the home page button. From there, you will be directed to the further sections and portions, and do your job accordingly.

This HTC Sync manager offers you the Air Sync features, which means, from now onward. You will not be required to connect the phone with a data cable to the computer. Just use the Air Sync option on your phone and all the data will be copied by using the Air Sync feature.

You need to download this amazingly superb application, to add some comfort to your Android life. Get HTC sync manager software for PC Windows. Now it is very easy to synchronize your file type of personal content. Sync your videos, Music, contact numbers, personal info, and Bookmarking of different websites.