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Do you want to use Huawei Hilink for PC, just on your computer? And you do not know where to start exactly? The application though compatible with the Hilink devices, and you cannot run it on a PC or Mac. But, I am going to show you the way by following which you would be using this on your desktop computer. Do you have any experience of using Huawei Hilink application on your Huawei mobile phone? If you have a Huawei mobile phone, and you did not use the application, you have missed a mind-blowing application. The applications have stunning features and management, the level of simplified management with more consistency, could never be obtained anywhere else.

What is Huawei Hilink App?

This is the application which works with the Huawei products, just like IOS products. In IOS products, you would have seen the iCloud account that account makes you working with any Apple device, and by logging into any of the Apple product you would get the same data files.

Same in the row, Hilink is the application which is like a bridge between different Huawei products, by connecting your deletion devices you can share files, can send messages, share WI-FI, and much more. To solve connection errors use USB Drivers for Huawei.

As a uniform management application, Huawei Hilink works with many Huawei products, like Huawei mobile WIFI, Huawei routers, Honor Cube, and Huawei home gateways.   Most of the guys use this application to install on Windows computer, with the Hilink account and share the internet connection with the other friends.

Yes, there can be many more other ways, to use this application, and to get the fruits from it.

How to use Huawei Hilink on a computer?

Now, the real question comes, how one can make it useful on a computer, a windows computer? If you do not know how to get this done, keep reading, at the end of this tutorial you would know you to get the job executed completely.

The application in real got a completely clean interface; the clean navigation makes the app the core of the heart of the users.

First, download Blue stack Online emulator from the given download link, as the emulator will create an artificial environment of the Huawei phone, and you would get it installed easily.   And if you have installed it safely, launch it on your phone, and you would witness an inbuilt application store, Google Play store app on the phone.

You can search or get the application from the Google Play Store, or get the app from our servers, and upload it to your computer   The app will eat up a few minutes and install on your computer.

Now, you can use this application for the purpose you were installing it on your computer.   For the Mac users, there will be a different link of Blue stack application, the Windows’ link would not work for them.

And if you get any error in installing the Blue stack on your computer, you should check the Windows’s BIT and then get the version accordingly to your computer.

Features of Huawei Hilink

Huawei Hilink management stunning application for the Huawei users. They can get no other better uniform management application than this, the classified management, controls and tons of features are really impressive. This single application has surpassed other phone’s management application; no other can even come nearer to this management application.

Basic information:

The application provides you with basic information about mobile phones. You even can get to know the roaming status of them, the signal strength, data traffic, and data connection, without paying a single penny to anyone.

Password settings:

This application got everything for a simple user. it can control the device with the protected management PIN. Roaming control, password changes, SSID, Login changes, support online updates and other updates progress display on your Huawei phone.


It shows you the unread messages on the home screen, and it does not delete the unread messages.

File management:

You can manage your data, your files on your SD card or on your and on your Android phone, tablet or on any other Hilink product. File deletion from the SD card, file recovery, and much more than this are there for you.

WI-FI management:

You can simply share the internet connection to any other device, can share more than one device, and keep track all of the connected devices.

Data traffic management:

Data traffic management, on the other hand, is the impressive features. You can see from this section which files have been shared and can clear the history even.

That’s all we know about Huawei HiLink for PC. Some other useful links are just right below. I must recommend all the Huwaei users to use the Huwaei PC suite (HiSuite) on PC. This is easy to install and very well furnished software for any Huawei Mobile phone user. Check out both of them from below links. or try the above method is you prefer. Keep smiling & Happy Connectivity.

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