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Detail of Hushsms

HushSMS is providing FRP services like sending messages to another phone. The messages contain all the relevant information and the phone from which you are sending.

In the recipient phone, you know all that will help you unlock and bypass any Google account on the Samsung.

For some years factory reset protection has been difficult somehow. But in the era of this new year, it is an essential, handy, and smartest way to bypass the FRP locks.

Easy Method to Unlock Samsung FRP:

HushSMS is an easy and very new fundamental method to sort out FRP locks. Perfectly unlocks the Samsung Android phones with its great technological features.

You can say Hushsms is special software to send specific kinds of messages from a device, that normally a user can’t.

And these services are not available for users on a daily basis and they are using their phones to send messages.

Works successfully on all Samsung devices with Android operating system 6 & 7 Installed. Currently, It is not available for PCs but will able to support Windows phones.

What is Husmsms?

Here it’s just tasted on Samsung models like the Samsung Galaxy S series & Samsung Galaxy Note Series. Including the Galaxy S8, S9, S8 plus.

While the note versions like Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are on the go. I personally get the job done on Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge, that I unlock or Bypass the Google account with HushSMS.

You can send these below types of messages in order to reach goals. So you can send these particular types of short messages from your locked phone to another Android. This way you will know information related to the victim’s phone.

Key Features:

  • Normal SMS
  • WAP Push SI
  • WAP Push SL
  • Ping’s
  • MMS Notifications
  • Flash SMS
  • MWI Voice Activation
  • Miscellaneous, such as Faxes, EMails ETC

When you use any Samsung mobile phone and get locked at Google account verification. Don’t worry HushSMS is here to help you out. There may be so many other methods of unlocking Samsung phones to bypass FRP. In my opinion, this one is the best and most handy to do so.

So before downloading the HushSMS APK Application let’s elaborate its features one by one.

Normal SMS:

These are standard messages that enable you to send to all devices. The maximum size for these messages is 160 characters.

Flash SMS

Flash message is like the normal SMS, but it always would show in a popup window. You can able to just read this message, but not able to save or forward it to any other.

These kinds of messages are also appearing without the information of the sender. The maximum limit for the message is 160 characters. With HushSMS you can get this too far in good flexibility.

MMS Notification:

This type of message is never created by any user. But is ts automatically created by the service provider and sends a notification to the identity of the receiver.

When someone sends an MMS to any number, this notification will be received by the recipient that an MMS is received. HushSMS is bringing this notification way to know how to do before receiving the MMS.

Ping SMS:

This message type has another name as you can say it is silent SMS. This SMS is gonna received without informing the receiver.

Sometimes these messages were seen as blank and contained no data. HushSMS uses this service in a different manner to get the sender information records.

WAP Push SI:

WAP push: SI stands for service indication, these messages are sent by companies to inform their customers about their software, credit cards, and software. The maximum limit for these pushes is 40 characters.

Wap Push SL:

In this case: SL means service load. These messages get by customers from the providers to have good user interaction.

This works on Windows mobile targets that users receive questions they pretend. The maximum limit for this SMS is 40 characters.

Link for Version v2.7.7 Latest:

To download the latest version 2.7.7 for Android Click the above link. The file size is 220 KBs & this download is in APK file format.

Check out and download the Samsung FRP bypass tool

PC Version:

Hushsms for PC is right now not available, it can send and receive messages for FRP purposes in Windows phones and Android devices.

Windows Phone Version:

You can also download the for any Windows phone also, get the below version v0.2 for Windows device.

Download >>> HushSMS for Windows phone devices