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iMyFone LockWiper:

iMyFone LockWiper has over 30 million downloads. Very instant to Remove several Locks from iPhone/iPad or Apple devices.

Your data will be sare and No more Data Loss, LockWiper is easy to use iPhone unlock tool.
If you just got forgot Passcode on your device. Enable the disabled iPhone.

Don’t worry if you purchased the second-hand iPhone device, Will eagerly assist you to make it ready for normal use.

It hurts when you broke the display screen of your iPhone. Device damaged at the same time you will not be able to unlock can b handy anymore.

From this broken phone, you will be able to get your data back, you will unblock it in your Computer. Explorer everything from the insider.

And get the different variations of the items from your store. So, after this, you will be able to have hardware repair the device.

Afterward, you can change your phone to another and get all the things back there in your new device.

iMyFone Lockwiper is Safe:

iMyFone lockWiper is completely secure, as our team used and tased it an found nothing unsafe.

This lock wiper tool shows the secure level at different antivirus software.

We bring this with some of the antivirus programs like Norton, Vipre, and panda security on the go. I am feeling happy to tell you that no viruses were found, no threats detected during the download.

During the installation and the time when we surf its services to try on different models of iPhones.

What iMyFone LockWiper Can Do?

There is nothing that can be left in fixing if iPhone lock problems. Can do the checklist in action below.

  • Unlock Apple ID without password from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • Remove iPhone passcode from locked, disabled, broken screen
  • Quickly bypass Screen Time or Restrictions passcode without data loss

Restore Lost data:

This can fix, and extract data from iTunes as a backup. It would be the most recent lost data or the older one. Also, compress the data to save more space at storage.

Best Passcode Unlock Tool:

Wiping all kinds of locks and the success rate is 100%. Perfect and unbeatable services for unlocking the passcodes or reset.

Deals with 4 digit passcodes and 6 digit passcodes as well. Also do unlock Touch ID and custom numeric code

It allows you to easily bypass an iOS lock screen when you forget your passcode.

Unlock Lock Screen Passcode

Remove iPhone Password:

To make your device secure you have to set and password. When you try and find hurdles during the settings.

iMyFone LockWiper

This time iMyfone LockWiper would be recommended to give you full access over the password settings. Support your current region and all over globally to easily bypass your iPhone’s password.

Support iPhone & iPad/iPod:

Unlock Phone, iPad devices and iPod touch.

Unlock Apple ID:

Fir forgets the Apple ID, LockWiper will remove your old apple ID from your Ipad, iPod, and iPhone devices.

You can add new apple ID if you have or you can do create another one.

Bypass Screen Time:

iMyFone LockWiper provides you the easiest way to recover restrictions passcode or remove screen time passcode, without losing your data.

Permanent and 100% legal:

It is completely legal and no data lose, 100% safe and secure.

Download X Platforms:

Available for Windows & Mac to download and can wipe locks.

This all above is the reason, that why we write iMyFone LockWiper review.

Best Alternatives:

One of the best alternative software in the regards of iMyFone LockWiper here below.

TenorShare 4ukey:

TenorShare 4ukey is yet another iPhone Passcode wiper. Unlock Apple IDs within just and single click. This including the Below features. You can read the complete article on Tenorshare 4ukey.

  1. Unlock Apple ID on iPhone, iPad without passwords.
  2. 4ukey is also known for passcode expertise.
  3. Factory reset iPhone 11 and other recent models.
  4. Bypass Screen passwords (Several types of screen security).
  5. Remove 4digit and 6digit passcodes, Apple ID, Touch ID.
  6. Fic disables devices without iTunes and iCloud.
  7. And many more features you can explorer in the detailed article.