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Do you have an All Winner Chipset smartphone or tablet? And you are interested in flashing the Android chipset based device? If yes, then you are landed at the right place. Here we are with the latest version of LiveSuit.

What is LiveSuit?

This simple application lets you flash the stock firmware on AllWinner chipset based devices with connecting them using a PC. This is simple utility software with dozens of useful features and functions to assist you in getting the device flashed with stock firmware.

If you are a novice and had faced the various issue in the firmware, get the right use of the application and let it do the flashing. This is the Windows version software we are sharing it here, the company has also developed Linux or Mac-based software as well.

AllWinner devices such as A10, A13, A20, and A31 now will face no issue in getting new custom ROM Flashed. Just use the simple wizard to get the flashing done, let’s have a detailed discussion on using this on a computer.

How to use LiveSuit?

As I mentioned there are very few applications which could hit AllWinner based chipset and get them installed with the custom ROM.

We have tested about all leading flashing software and most of them refused to get this job carrying due to obvious reasons. Getting the AllWinner based chipsets are difficult to flash with and there are chances you get landed into the trouble of losing the phone for permanently.

Download the LiveSuit from the given download link and install it on a Windows computer. Keep in mind this application or software will run only on a Windows computer, so have special attention to this.

  1. Now, restart the computer once the Livesuit installation completed.
  2. And launch the application on your computer.
  3. Connect the mobile phone AllWinner Chipset based using a genuine OTG.
  4. You see simple Flashing option, tap on it
  5. And load the Custom files here, it takes few minutes to get the files loaded, bear with it.

Once the files loaded, you tap on the flash button and the computer will run flashing the files on your AllWinner Chipset based smartphone or tablet.

Now, you see the process of getting the custom ROM has been ignited and you see a freshly flashed smartphone in the end.

Enjoy the freedom of doing anything, controlling any features and upgrading any stuff you want.

Features of Software:

This is one of the finest applications to carry out flashing tasks specifically for AllWinner Chipset based smartphones. You can navigate through the application to view other tasks which can be done using it.

Download LiveSuit for Allwinner
Download live suit to flash All winner’s

This is a simple to navigate, simple to use and graphically easy interface to get flashing done

You have no need to spend a penny on having a software like this, you are being provided free of cost.

If you are a newbie using Livesuit very first time, get the right use of Upgrade wizard option. Also, learn how to flash or install the firmware in your device.

The application supports Windows and other major operating systems including Linux, Mac and others.

Download LiveSuit

  • This supports all leading AllWinner Chipset mobile phones to get flashed.
  • Download LiveSuit from the link and flash the device with zero knowledge.

Download LiveSuit Now >> Click Here version v1.11 Latest

The previous version of Livsuite v1.09 Here is an old one

NameLiveSuit Flashing Tool
File TypeZip format
Size9.7 MBs
Current versionv1.11

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