LYF PC Suite Free Download For Windows

Lyf PC suite is a best windows software for all Lyf devices including the smartphone, mobile device, es, and tablets. In other words, you called it a Jio phone PC suite software. From the developers of Lyf devices, there is no PC suite for Lyf users. But we always try to resolve the connectivity issue for different mobile users. That’s why we come across to give an alternative program to resolve your connection. A PC suite is a very simple software for Windows users, which allows you to communicate with your mobile phone. So to accomplish this and to avail several other features. Yow can simply download this Lyf PC suite on your Windows and let’s do the job perfectly.

Once have the download file for the PC suite we have shared on this page. Then you would be able to approach your cell phone directly from the PC you are using. This connection makes a clear and immediate bond between both devices. One is your PC and second is your Android or non-android mobile phone.

Support on any version of Lyf smartphones, this list is including as Lyf water, Lyf earth, and Lyf flame phones.
Our website has also a great collection of third-party PC suites available on other pages.

Features of LYF PC Suite:

  • Allowing the connections.
  • transfer data among the both connected devices.
  • Install or download Android applications on the concerned phone.
  • Supportable for Computers with all of the Windows operating systems.
  • Use USB data cable for making the bridge connection.
  • Update and upgrade the software of the device when necessary.

Officially there is no PC Software for LYF devices in order to manage and connect. We are here providing an alternative program that will work. Support for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Download a PC suite for your all LYF mobile phones.

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