Mediatek Android MT65xx Preloader Driver For Windows

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Download Mediatek Android MT65xx preloader driver

Flashing of a phone is not a beginner’s task; it needs competency and expertise regarding smartphones. If you have to need to flash your phone, our today’s post will shed light on this topic. Sometimes, while flashing with SP tool, which is the most popular and used, a tool to flash a mobile phone, there has been an error of not having Android mt65xx Preloader driver. This driver is the most important factor of flashing a phone with SP tools. Mt65xx Preloader drivers are required to, correctly install on Windows PC where you are flashing your MediaTek chipset or Custom stock of Android ROM.

When you Install SP tool and connect your MediaTek device with this flashing tool, after connecting, you will see some yellow dots by going in Device manager and checking your drivers. The yellow dots show the deficiency of mt65xx Preloader driver.

How to communicate with your Mobile Phone:

Therefore, to solve the error you need to download mt65xx Preloader driver from our website, as we have given links at the bottom of this post. Download the drivers, extract the drivers on your desktop and run the setup files, as will be mentioned on the files. When the drivers will be completed installation. You again connect your PC with your Mobile phone via SP tools.

Now you will see all that is fine, you have successfully installed the mt65xx Preloader driver in your PC.

One more thing I would like to mention, before installing and downloading any mtk65xx preloader USB Vcom drivers, you need to check either it is 32 bit or 64 bit. You check your windows version and then install the driver.

You can even install the driver by going auto driver option. In this way, you will check your device manager yellow dots, and click on that to update the driver. You need to do this after downloading mt65xx Preloader driver. When you will click to update your driver, this will lead you to browse where you have stored this driver. You will click on that and this auto driver will detect automatically, hence you will be able to install the driver successfully.

Download Android phone Mt65xx Preloader USB driver

Now connect your Flashing tool with your PC, and do the rest task, like Flashing of your phone, making Backup of your device and even knowing the software and hardware info of your device. This is most used and trusted tools to flash your phones. As I said, we have given links to mt65xx Preloader drivers and SP tools as well. You can tap on the download button to download the file. If you have any further query, comment down in comment section area.

Download MT65xx USB VCOM Drivers

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