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In order to communicate with your system, you need to have a driver name MediaTek MTK Preloader USB VCOM driver. This driver allows you to transfer data from computer to a smartphone and vice versa. You can use this driver to flash your smartphone, to update the firmware or fix some bugs by using your computer. If you got this driver already on your PC, updating the driver may fix some connecting errors. This driver will not only ensure the proper functioning of some apps to your PC but will make sure proper flashing or modifying your phone.

Contrary to that, you do not want flash or update the firmware of your phone, a proper and correct driver are very useful to save you from data corrupting while transferring from one medium to the other.

Features of MTK Preloader USB VCOM (Android) driver:

Connecting your device:

MTK Preloader USB VCOM driver allows you to connect your device to a computer, the safest and easy transfer without any data corruption. Make sure to check either you have enabled data debugging on your device.

Updating or Flashing firmware:

If you find your device is not working properly or working slow and you need to flash the device, this driver would help you a lot to flash your device or update the firmware, very helpful in fixing Boot loop, and fixing bugs of your device.

Writing IMEI:

Many times when you connect your device to write IMEI, your device is unnoticed by a computer, because you installed another driver to connect your PC with mobile, this is the best driver to have in your computer for writing IMEI.

How to install MTK Preloader USB VCOM driver:

If you do not know how to install this driver on your PC, here is a complete guide, you can manually update your MediaTek MTK Preloader USB VCOM driver by using this method. Read the full post for safe installation

  • Select a folder where you can extract.CAB files
  • Find device manager in your computer; Right click on “my computer”, Choose the Manage tab and find device manager in the leftmost panel.
  • Select the hardware device and chose the driver, which you want to update
  • Select the new location of the driver or browse manually where you want to save
  • If you have already installed this driver on your PC, and want to update select “Let me pick from the list of device drivers on my computer”.
  • Click on Have Disk and browse to the extracted folder

This was all about MTK Preloader USB VCOM driver if you want to download the latest version of this driver, download from our website. We have given a download link at the bottom of this post. Click on the download button and file will be there for you. If you have any query regarding this post, comment down in the comment area section.

Support including mtk65xx, mt6582 with Windows (XP/vista/7/8/10) 32-bit 64-bit operating system.

MT65xx ALL Windows support 32 bit & 64-bit Download

MT6577 USB VCOM Win7, Windows XP, Windows Vista Download

Download Android MTK USB Driver