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Messenger Dark Mode By Moon Emoji Method

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Detail of Messenger Dark Mode By Moon Emoji Method

To enable Facebook Messenger dark mode by just sending an Emoji. Here is good news for Messenger users to activate the dark theme right away. If you want to know about the mode of Facebook Messenger. Then you might able to do it after reading this post. You can first enable the night mode or dark theme on your Android. After that, you can turn it on, and as well as it is a reversible process.

Enable Messenger Dark Mode By Sending Moon Emoji:

It is a very easy and simple thing so that everyone can do it very fast and instantly.

First of all, do you have to send a moon emoji? to your chat contact. Just find this Moon Emoji from your Emoji on your Messenger.

Once you send this Moon Emoji to any of your friends on your chat. It will activate the option on your Messenger for Dark mode.

First Step:

Send the moon emoji to someone from your contacts.

Second Step:

After sending of the moon emoji, A pop-up appears from there you can turn it on.

Or you can go to your settings where a Dark mode is there for you. Just tap on and activate the night mode for your messenger App on Android.

You can also able to undo this and go back to your preview white theme. As you are using it for a long time. So don’t worry it is the easiest and quickest.


Just have to do all this for one time. Once the turn on and turn off button appears. It would be there permanently on Facebook Messenger.

Why Dark Mode:

Here the new innovation on the messenger is the night mode theme which is very beneficial for those who connect with messenger a lot. The most important advantages of this are user can easily use it safely. It would be good as well.

Secondly, it couldn’t be harmful to the eyes, because it is deemed a mode anyone can use without any problem. So according to my perception, this is the best thing to use it and let’s enjoy. Brightness will affect your eyes so I suggest all of the themes be aware of this and connect with it because it’s a new version that is easy and suitable for everyone.

Do connect with this and enjoy with your loved one there are lots of things. I hope you enjoyed it after using it. Evermore it’s such an innovation. The procedure is very easy to activate this is, first you have to send a moon emoji with your friends then the feature will show on the top of your messenger. Then you just need to turn on the requirement. let’s chat with the new version and have fun with your loved one.

Messenger Dark Mode Features:

  • It contains an eye comfort feature that protects your eyes.
  • Dark mode makes it easier to stay focused on your messaging
  • Dark mode helps your brain it increases your consciousness power
  • The new black theme looks so wonderful/beautiful