Microsoft Phone Companion

Microsoft Phone Companion

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Detail of Microsoft Phone Companion

Though there is an application that can hit the nail right, either they are paid or have some messing interface or services. Microsoft phone companion software developed by Microsoft is a perfect blend of science and arts. On one side you get the perfect design, navigation, and clean tabs and on the other side, you get up-to-the-mark services.

I remember about 20 years ago, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates predicted that within twenty years the use of computers would lower by 50%, and most of the passionate IT guys were shocked to know that. And today, we know the use of the computer has lowered to 75% and now people tend to use their smartphones all the time. Whether we are traveling, in a job, or spending some time with our friends, smartphones are always with us.

But, the importance of computers and laptops can never be refuted. We all use computers for some tougher jobs to compile some documents, to make some presentations and most of the time to watch movies. So, in the age of Snapchat and WhatsApp, we used to get two to three devices, and it is really hard to sync them all the time to get the same content on every device.

So, first, download Microsoft phone companion software from the given download link, and we will introduce you to the features and functions of the software.

What is the Microsoft phone companion?

Microsoft Phone Companion is a little software that helps users connect their smartphones to the computer and sync all the data without actually syncing. All data on one device will directly sync to the other device without actually making this happen.

You can say it is the official PC Suite offered by Microsoft, and it is not limited to only Windows OS users but all other users. Now, when your phone is slowly becoming the minicomputer, you have all the data without literary sync.

Install the Microsoft phone companion:

We have given you the download link, just get the software on your Windows computer and connect one side of the data cable to the phone and another side to the computer. The software does not need some kind of special treatment to get it installed.

You just go like the way you install other software on your computer and in the end, the interface of the application will show you everything.

  • With the connection of this software to your phone, you literally are up to date on all the data of your devices.
  • Whether they are the music files, the folders, and files, the calendar, and alarms, everything is up to sync.
  • How to use the Microsoft phone companion?
  • The use is very simple. For those who are not tech-savvy, the little guide can help a lot.
  • The interface of the application goes into three major sections.
  • The first section is for Windows smartphone users, which is very low in fact.

The second section is for Android users, and Android smartphone users should tap on this section to explore what is actually hidden under this section. And third and last, iPhone and iPad, give iOS users the convenience of connecting their devices to the computer

For example, if I tap on the Android section, it will offer me a wide array of options to go with. Like to sync your device, create a backup, or restore some backups more in the row. Now, it is up to you, how you explore the application and add some value to your lives.

Connect everything:

Microsoft phone companion is a simple, little but very effective software to help smartphone users to literally sync everything. It can get almost all of your personal data like documents, photos, videos, music, and other stuff to sync between computers smartphones, and other devices.

And the icing on the cake, you can connect the phone and computer without a cable device. You have no need to mess around with the cable and inject them or install the USB drivers. Just connect them using WI-FI and the strength of the application can be the benchmark with its capability to connect the iOS devices. It is very easy to use and very handy to manage personal data and personal files.

Very reliable software, which comes free of cost, you have no need to spend through your nose for useless software, when you get your hands on such valuable software free of cost.