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Windows, the biggest operating system on God’s good earth for computers and laptops. You have seen a various version of the Windows, it all started almost three decades ago, and changes which took place over the time made this OS, hugely acceptable and popular compare to its competitors, Mac and Linux.

There may be dozens of faults in Windows OS, but the one benefit which covers all the cons; it is user-friendly at the hell.

Windows released the latest version of its famous OS, Windows 10, and after that, Microsoft does not seem to update it to the next version but will provide some updates to make it smoother, securer, and popular.

If you want to install Windows 10 on your computer, then Windows has released Microsoft Windows 10 media creation tool. Which will lead you to get the latest Windows version installed without any hiccup?

What is Windows 10 media creation tool?

Windows 10 media creation tool is a little software introduced by Windows. To provide the users with a simpler application to get the latest version of Windows. Like, with the installation of this little software, you will be downloading or installing Windows 10 on your PC.

With having this tool, you will not be needed to do anything else. Just sit on a couch, waiting in to get the Windows installed. If you want to make a bootable USB drive.

To get the Windows installed on any other PC, you can have. You even can get the ISO file of Windows to get the Windows installed using an ISO file.

Install Windows Directly Using Media Creation tool

The simplest, shortest, and smoothest way that I found to get the latest Windows 10 on a PC, directly get this installed, do not create any USB bootable, or to download an ISO file of it. Very simple, you have nothing to do, to get it installed.

Just grab the Windows media creation tool from the given download link. And also check either your system is compatible with the latest Windows version or not.

After getting it checked, launch the Windows media creation tool. From that part, you will get the Windows installed on your PC.

You will be worried about wrapping up the data available in C drive where you got the previous version of the Windows, no- you have no need to get it wrapped, just let everything remain the way it is.

You will get no data loss- all files either it is on the desktop or on the Download folder, or on C driver, will not be vanished. But, while getting the Windows installed on your system, you will have to keep a close eye on the ongoing process, and it may ask you to provide something needed.

Create a USB Bootable Drive:

  • If you want to download Windows 10 as an ISO image.
  • You can have, but when you get the media creation tool installed and launched, it asks you to provide a different option.
  • From that option, you need to choose to download an ISO file, and it will be directed you to get the file easily.
  • To create a USB bootable driver, you will be needed for software, like RUFUS or any other you want.
  • And by following the commands of that software, you will get a Windows 10 USB drive or disc burned.
  • Whatever the process you follow, in the end, you will be installing the latest and updated Windows version 10.
  • But, what I mentioned above, directly installing the Windows using media creation tool will be the simplest and safest method to adopt, and for myself, I adopted the same method.

One thing, you need to remember, to download the ISO file. Getting the USB drive bootable. Or to get the Windows 10 directly installed, you need to a have smooth internet connection.

And while downloading the file, you have to wait for hours, if you got your internet very slow in downloading files. In the end, if you have installed a genuine Windows on your computer, either it is Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1. You will get a genuine version of Windows.

In case you got a copy of Windows, still, you can get the latest Windows version 10 installed. But to activate the full feature, you will have to put the key, what you only can get after purchasing one.

Download For Computer Windows

But, there are methods, software by following them; one even can get the full features of Windows. And we leave it upon you, how you get the premium features of the Windows, without having a genuine version of Windows installed on your computer.

The link has already been given, just tap on the download button and get Windows 10 media creation tool to get Windows 10 installed. Microsoft Windows media creation tool download