MTK Auth Bypass Tool

MTK Auth Bypass Tool

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Detail of MTK Auth Bypass Tool

Today I will introduce MTK Auth Bypass Tool a free program that enables users to bypass authentication security on devices powered by MTK chipsets, including Android smartphones and tablets. This tool can be used with any flashing or unlocking tool compatible with MTK devices. It can detect Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Tecno, and Xiaomi Redmi Mtk-based phones as well as those using MT6735, MT6739, or MT6883 chipsets.

About MTK Auth Bypass Tool:

MTK Auth Bypass is a free program that makes it straightforward to bypass Google lock on MTK Android smartphones. Compatible with most systems and MTK chipsets – such as those found in models such as the MT6735, MT6737, and MT6750 – this tool makes using MTK devices much simpler!

Its user-friendly design provides a smooth bypassing experience, and advanced security measures protect both your device and data against potential vulnerabilities. Furthermore, this instrument works across a wide variety of firmware versions to sidestep confirmation on any device no matter its form factor. You can use it to bypass FRP & SLA Auth on Mediatek MTK chipset-powered phones, as well as flash or unlock their pattern/pin locks.

What is the MTK Auth Bypass Tool?

The MTK Auth Bypass Tool is a free Windows program that helps users bypass DAA or SLA locks on MediaTek devices, including those manufactured with chipsets such as the MT6737, MT6750, and MT8590 chipsets. In addition, it also offers various additional features like unlocking patterns and flashing firmware updates.

Our MTK Auth Bypass can be easily downloaded for free from our website and boasts an outstanding success rate and user-friendly design, suitable for Android devices across a wide range. Google verification can be bypassed within minutes using this tool as it also works against password or fingerprint locks on screens. Its user-friendly interface makes use effortless even for beginners. Regular updates ensure it provides reliable support.

Features Of MTK Auth Bypass Tool:

  • MCT Mediatake MTK Auth Bypass Tool is a Windows-compatible program that helps Android phone owners bypass its USB protection.
  • To use, simply download and install the MTK Bypass Tool before turning off your phone.
  • This Bypass Tool works seamlessly with devices powered by MTK chipsets, making authentication bypass simple on any of them.
  • Furthermore, its latest version incorporates improved security measures to protect both data and devices.
  • MTK Auth Bypass is free and compatible with most types of devices; it can help flash, unlock, and repair MTK-powered smartphones or tablets.

How to Use?

MTK Auth Bypass Tool is a free software program that enables you to remove Google Account Verification FRP, Factory Reset Protection (FRP), and Pattern/Password/Pin locks on MediaTek devices easily and effortlessly. Compatible with many chipsets and easily useable, it also serves to flash firmware onto devices.

To use the MTK Auth Bypass Tool, a computer that supports Windows is needed, as well as a USB cable and a rooted phone. First download and install the MTK Meta Mode Utility Tool on your computer before proceeding with downloading and installing the MTK Auth Bypass Tool. After connecting your device to the computer and following its instructions on-screen, use the MTK Auth Bypass to bypass authentication security on it and enable flashing or unlocking of your device.


MTK Auth Bypass Tool is a free Windows program that enables you to bypass DAA & SLA Auth (Secure Boot Protection) on any MediaTek device. It supports various models, features an easy setup process, and offers various options for disabling secure boot. Plus it’s regularly updated so it remains compatible with new devices! However, its success rate and security measures fall below that of iDelock (Android).