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You may have experienced that you set an FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock in your phone, and when you restore your phone it absolutely asks for the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock.
For those who don’t know what an FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock is then, FRP lock is one of the security features provided by Google.

This feature is dead utile to avoid any kind of misuse when the user phone is theft. But sometimes it creates trouble for the users itself, especially when they restore their phone and forget their Gmail USERNAME or PASSWORD.

Then in such a case user can not operate the phone and it will ask for Gmail account verification. Here comes the use of the MTK FRP scatter file.

How MTK FRP Scatter File Works:

Basically, MTK FRP scatters a file is a software designed for the Windows operating system that can be used to recover FRP locked phones. Its word only relates to the unlocking process of particular smart devices.

MTK FRP Scatter File

For flashing you guys just need to download the MTK FRP Scatter software on your PC. Although you must have a flash tool that supports MTK accordingly. Then simply connect the FRP locked phone with PC through charging cable and in no time you can unlock your phone FRP lock. FRP bypass you can do with an MTK tool for MediaTek machines. For further have a look below;

Steps to Unlock FRP Lock:

  • Below are the steps, by following that you can conveniently unlock your device but don’t forget to keep your data at a safe place or backup it.
  • Install and open the MTK FRP Scatter file in your PC.
  • Select Scatter file and click open.
  • Select the format menu and click on the manual format option.
  • Open scatter file.
  • Press Ctrl + F and type FRP.
  • Copy the address and paste the required address.
  • Copy partition size and paste.
  • Click Start and wait.
  • And it is done, your phone is now unlocked.

You may find some steps difficult to follow, but once you open the software and start working on it then it is very simple and easy to follow the given steps, and you can easily unlock any phone with FRP lock.

Cons of MTK FRP Scatter File:

Although the MTK FRP Scatter file works perfectly and you can unlock the phone with FRP lock but also there are few issues with the MTK FRP Scatter file.

You can only run the software in windows, it is not available for other operating systems except windows. You can unlock FRP lock of only those phones which have MTK based CPU.

You cannot unlock phones which carry SPD based Processor. For both SPD and MTK and also any other type of hardware properties. You can do check out this update on the go.


MTK FRP Scatter file is a Windows-based best application that you can use to unlock your phone FRP lock but the issue is, it’s only for those phones which have MTK chipsets. You may also find it useful for other operations just go and explore it.

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