MTK USB Serial Port Driver X64 X86

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This MTK USB serial port driver is a support to your MTK phones like Nokia. Work for x64 and X86 processor consists of a device board unit. When you want to flash your MTK phone by any PC software.

And you are currently having an issue and not able to make the connection. However, this driver is perfectly working and 100 tested to have safe and secure connectivity.

Download MTK USB Serial Port driver x64 x86

On the other hand, MTK USB serial port driver x64 and x86 will go to give you the opportunity. You are always able to make the connection via USB data cable once you install the drivers.

If you want to use the Nokia PC Suite at any window and want to connect your MTKcellphone to PC windows. If not possible just get the latest version of MTK USB drivers. This is the way you can solve your issues of connectivity right away.

Key features for MTK USB Serial Port Driver:

  • Easy connections
  • Make the strong bond between your PC and Nokia MTK device
  • While flashing it with PC or using any flashing Box, It helps you to connect
  • Brick and unlock any phone, it requires first connect
  • Nokia PC suite users can get benefits of it

Do other works on your Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows 10. Works fine if you are any version of Windows operating system on your PC. Support actively for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit

Now download MTK USB Serial Port driver X64 right from the link below. It is the same to have MTK USB Serial Port driver X86 on the go.

The file we are offering is containing both versions in one download package. So you never need to get this both supporting x64 & x86 differently.

The installation is so simple, just make sure to first download the file completely. and extract it using the WINRAR and you are done. Open and chose your type file. Launch the setup wizard and launch the installation procedure.

Download >> MTK USB Serial Port driver x64

MTK USB Serial Port driver x86 >> Download