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Detail of MTP USB Driver

MTP USB driver download

If you are connecting your mobile phone to the computer, but it is not being shown on your computer, then you are not alone. There are people who get the problem when the right driver is not installed on their computer. Here we are going to make you sure how to update or install the right driver to get your phone on your computer.
It is not necessary that the right driver is missed- you might not have enabled the USB debugging on your mobile phone.
So, check the USB debugging option, by going to your settings -> about phone-> build number-> tap it on 7 times> go back and see the developer option-> tap it on you will see the USB debugging option-> check it on Now, try to connect your phone to the computer, still, you are still getting the same issue. It means you really missed the MTP USB Driver on your computer.

What is an MTP driver?

MTP (Media transfer protocol) is the driver that makes sure of a pivotal connection with any of the external storages.
This MTP driver comes default in Windows, but sometimes it does not work fine for your computer. So, you need to update the driver from the official source or download the driver from the given download link.

Update MTP driver:

We have given you the download link to get the driver updated on your computer. Though you can go to the official website, to get the link, to install it, the process is time-consuming. You need to go with the given download link, to update the driver.

Go to the computer’s control panel
Tap on the device manager
And see the MTP driver on your computer
Update the driver, do not go with the internet option
Go to the manual update from the computer
Locate the driver downloaded on your computer
And tap it on upload it and allow the installation manually
It will take few moments to update the driver

So, you need to download an MTP USB driver to connect your mobile phone to the computer. If the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section. Download MTP (Media transfer protocol) from the official server and go for the update.