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Detail of MTP Drivers

Today I will introduce a new version of Transferring files between an Android device and a computer, many users encounter an error stating “MTP USB Device Failed”. This usually occurs due to outdated drivers for their devices. There are multiple methods available to you when updating the MTP USB Driver on Windows PC, including visiting the manufacturer’s website, downloading and installing drivers from Device Manager, or using third-party driver updater tools like Bit Driver Updater.

MTP USB Driver is a software program that facilitates the connection between any portable storage device and Windows machines, enabling users to transfer files such as photos, audio tracks, videos, or documents between both.

Users can connect their mobile devices with Windows Media Player and ensure copyright security through digital rights management (DRM).

If you’re having issues connecting your Android phone to your computer, the problem could lie with its MTP USB Drivers. This could occur if they weren’t installed or corrupted over time – fortunately, there are solutions available to rectify the situation.

One method of updating the MTP USB Driver manually involves visiting a manufacturer’s website, opening Device Manager, or using driver update tools – but this process can be time-consuming and frustrating. Another alternative is the Bit Driver Updater software program, which can quickly and automatically update your MTP USB Drivers.

What is MTP USB Driver?

MTP USB Driver is a software program that enables Android devices and Windows computers to share files seamlessly, such as pictures, music videos, and documents. If you own an MTP USB device you should always ensure the latest driver has been installed to ensure smooth communication between both systems – and keep all drivers up-to-date for optimal performance of both.

You can update the MTP USB Driver on your PC in various ways. One option is manually downloading it from its manufacturer’s website and installing it manually; however, this process may be time-consuming and complicated. An alternative way is using a driver update utility like Bit Driver Updater; it provides quick and efficient updates of drivers quickly and effortlessly.

Microsoft Fix It application may help resolve issues with your MTP USB Driver; however, this method may be complex and require technical expertise for the best results. Furthermore, its success cannot be guaranteed.

How to use the MTP USB Driver?

MTP USB Driver enables Windows PCs to easily connect with mobile phones through USB cables and transfer files between them easily. Unfortunately, there may be issues when using MTP USB Driver due to outdated drivers or malfunctioning USB ports – in such instances, it’s necessary to update it on your computer immediately.

One of the easiest and safest ways to do so is with a third-party tool like Bit Driver Updater, which can identify faulty drivers and fix them automatically. Plus, its interface offers many useful features!

Method 2 is to manually download and install an MTP USB Driver from your PC manufacturer’s website, though this can be a time-consuming process it does work to solve this problem.

Use Command Prompt to quickly enable MTP on your Windows PC for faster and simpler activation compared to opening multiple settings screens. However, be aware of making any modifications without first backing up your registry!

Features of MTP USB Driver:

  • MTP USB Driver is an essential software component that enables data transfer between your Windows PC and an Android device.
  • Specifically, this driver allows for the transfer of media documents on portable audio players, document files on transportable video gadgets, and sensitive personal information on digital assistants.
  • Sometimes when using Windows to transfer files between Android devices and laptops or desktops, an “MTP USB Device Failed” error might pop up due to outdated drivers; it is simple and quick to resolve with driver update utilities as the easiest solution.
  • Many driver update utilities can be found online, but most require you to search for and manually install new drivers manually.
  • Although Windows provides its own update mechanism, which may or may not work reliably and requires significant patience and technical skill from users.
  • An alternative would be using Bit Driver Updater which scans for outdated drivers before automatically updating and installing updated versions automatically.


MTP USB Driver software acts as a mediator between an Android phone and PC, facilitating seamless data exchange. However, occasionally it stops functioning properly, leading to errors such as “MTP USB Driver Failed.”For best results, first, check that MTP sharing is enabled on your mobile device and that USB cables are functioning as expected. Also, make sure your MTP drivers are up-to-date; to do this use Bit Driver Updater’s automatic tool to download and install new versions for your Windows system.