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Do you face many attacks on your network and unknown people add to your network without your permission? If yes, then the application, NetCut can help you a lot in this regard.

Introduction to the Software:

The application is designed to know who is exactly added to your network at that time, with the name, IP address, Mac address, and much more. NetCut for Windows also helps you out finding which device is on the network, how many devices are iPhone, Android, or Windows. And get their IP address on the list; get the name of the devices.

This is not completed yet, you can go further and take actions against unpermitted devices. You can disable those devices to use your network and internet connection from ARP spoofs attacks. So, download NetCut for Windows 10, or down from the given download link, and install it on your computer.

To get the right use of the application, you should be the admin of the network, without admin rights, you might not be able to get the application used.

What is NetCut?

NetCut is a freeware tool on Windows which helps you discover who is on your network. By using this application, and providing the admin account and password, you can have the IP address, device name, Mac address, iPhone, Xbox, Wii, and Android.

Furthermore, you can get those devices blocked, if you find some unauthorized person is on the network and taking your network speed down.

The application is used on Windows, and you can have this used without any more hiccup. The application originally is designed to secure you from the Soof attacks, and the app also changes the Mac address of the adapter.

How to use NetCut on a Windows computer?

The tool is pretty simple in use; no knowledge is required to get the tool installed. Just run the application on your computer, and you will see all IP address or Mac address or device names in your network.

If you are a security guy and want to keep a close eye on your network, then keep the app running in the background, and check after some time. By using this, you would have an idea, either someone has added himself to your network or trying to break down the network.

NetCut is a simple solution that helps you to admin your network based on the ARP control. Plus, it can run many tasks as list IP-MAC on the table momentarily, turn off and turn on the network. NetCut is a simple solution for those who take your network granted.

Sometimes, when someone visits us on the office or home, and we have to give them the password unwillingly, and they start to watch high streaming movies, and download the big data files.

It takes your network down, slow down the internet speed. NetCut is the solution for those, just get them removed for some moments, and add them after.

Whenever you see someone is getting the larger data files downloaded, remove that network from the list, block them. Get NetCut on Windows computer, and start having a close eye on the network, for which you have to pay a good bunch of money.

Features of NetCut:

NetCut is a freeware tool to grab the freeloader on your network. The application allows you to get them removed, and make your network cleaner and safer for the genuine users.

  • The simple interface of the application allows you to see all connected devices, with the IP address, Mac address, and on-device based.
  • The application clearly shows which IP address is consuming your more data, get them blocked 
  • It allows you to protect your network from the ARP spoof attack
  • This application allows you to be on the top of everything that is happening on your computer.
  • NetCut defender makes you scan the network, and never allows any Trojan files installed on your host.
  • The application is very easy to use, even someone who got zero knowledge of networking or LAN can handle the app.
  • Watch out the people connected to your network, and analyze them.
  • One click to cut down any computer network connection
  • NetCut has licensed a free tool, and you can get it from the link without paying anything.

One of the best application to watch out who is on your network, you cannot have that wide range of features on any other application. So, grab NetCut for your Windows 10/8/7 computer, and get the app installed simply.

Download >> Netcut Windows 7/8/10