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Detail of New Box Skin

Competing with a pro player requires you to spend more time and money and to work very hard. However, some players cheat apps and can beat their opponents easily with these cheat apps. Those who are new to Mobile Legend Bang Bang may want to consider using a cheat app to beat their opponents. we bring an amazing New Box app that will unlock cheats and help to beat your enemy.

Mobile Legend Bang Bang is an amazing game for Android users. Play Mobile Legend Bang Bang if you want an adventurous game for Android. But, when you start to play Mobile Legend Bang Bang it is very challenging to compete with the pros. You can easily lose a battle if you start to fight.

If you use the New Box Skin Injector, It will help you compete with your opponents. Players of MOBA games can now use this latest cheat tool to increase their gaming experience. While many apps allow players to cheat in games, they do not work on all Android devices. but don’t worry you can use this amazing app without errors. Let’s discuss it in detail.

What is New Box Skin?

New Box Injector is an Android app that will help you to unlock ML characters. Its many features are making this more popular and one of those is skins. These are used to open the ML Skins in the official game, which are purchased.

The best thing is that it will unlock all paid skins for free. It is an Android cheat tool. You can get Mobile Legend Bang Bang’s premium features as well as beat your opponents.

New Skins and other items are added to the Box Skin 2021 to enhance matches and easily make them winnable. In addition, you can unlock drone views, and users will also be able to discover battle effects, emotes, and maps. It is the new variant of Box Skin Injector, and the new version is available on our website.

App Screenshots

Box SKin Injector APK helps you master your favorite mobile legend, Bang Bang. Fights can be easily won by this amazing cheats app. You must practice hard and invest more time and effort if you want to make it with a professional player but the New Box Skin makes it easy for you.

Cheats of New Box

With New Box, you will not be disappointed because it has amazing features. Various options are available in this multi-tool. Avatars and skins for the drone view. It’s so easy to use that’s why I love this app. Even someone without any skills can benefit from this. So let’s read all the features in detail.

Available Skins

In The Box Skin APK, a huge number of skins are available. In this tool, you can access almost all of the MLBB skins. You can get various costumes by launching the game with this tool. Listed below are the skins for the New Box.

  • Mage Skin
  • Assassin Skin
  • Skin Fighter
  • Skin Marksman
  • Tank skin
  • Skin Anim
  • Skin killer
  • Custom Skin
  • Skin Support
  • Skin Upgrade
  • All Painted Skin


While Battle Effects are not as simple as you might think, they are surprisingly powerful. In this section, you can find all the accessories designed to enhance your characters’ looks and abilities. Even without this stuff, you can survive battles. You can choose from the following options in this section.

  • 10+ Respawn
  • 42+ Recalls
  • 12+ Elimination
  • Battle Emotes
  • Fix Bugs
  • Battle Notifications are coming soon

Drone View

You can also use the app to display a backup drone view, which is one of the great features of this app. The different ranges of drone cameras are 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x & 6x. Also, you can view your tablet, back up your drone, and view your tablet on the app.

What’s New?

You are going to be surprised by how many changes are in the latest version. It includes many brand-new features that may astonish and amaze you. There will be a significant difference between speed and performance.

  • Bug fixes.
  • Skin Customization for Alucard.
  • New Skin Custom/Anime are added to the Menu.
  • Added New Effects and skin Colors for Alucard Chou Gusion.
  • Additional features.
  • A powerful tool for all times.
  • A simple and easy-to-use tool.
  • Ads and passwords are not required.
  • Beautiful and catchy UI in blue and white.
  • Charges for premium service are nonexistent.
  • It is A reliable and effective tool for MLBB.
  • Features such as anti-banned and anti-detected.
  • Time-to-time updates refine with each passing day.
  • It has a clearly defined interface, and it is free of charge.


There are many injectors available in the market, but New Box Skin APK is one of the top injectors for ML. I’ve never seen anything like it before. You can download the MLBB app from the download page below if you are an average MLBB player and would like to boost your performance. The premium features are available to you free of charge after installation. Let’s download it and explore its amazing features.