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Connecting your phone to a PC is always an important thing, and it might be more important when you often use your phone and computer simultaneously for different purposes. Like you cannot have your mobile phone all the time and still, you need to do some handful task, you can use a PC Suite to do those tasks, we will tell in the later part of this article, what you can do with a PC suite. Nokia 515  PC Suite got the fame with its release due to its aluminum build.

This was the first ever phone which got Aluminum body and definitely, it will protect this phone and increase the durability of the phone. To connect your Nokia 515 mobile phone you just need a PC suite, which is Nokia 515 PC Suite and Nokia 515 USB ROM drivers.

So, the PC suite also has very different and important features as the phone itself has. Like the important feature is a firmware update, most of the PC suites have not these features. But, this phone has, and along with firmware update features, it has backing up data, syncing, making a call using your computer or sending up messages to your contacts using your computer are few important features of this Nokia 515 sync google contacts.

Which is enabling transfer contacts from Nokia 515 to iPhone? Most people will search for how to transfer contacts from Nokia 515 to Android. Yes, this beneficial in both cases import or export contacts anywhere to anyhow.


If your PC suite got all the planet good features, but do not have good data transfer features, then the use and developing of this phone will get no mean. This Nokia 515 PC Suite has very good data transfer features without any corrupt file, it will transfer your data in no time. You have to bite the bullet in purchasing a new phone and finding it difficult to send data to a computer and vice versa, this is a shame. But, this PC suite is free to all these loopholes and drawbacks, even until the day no bugs were reported.

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You can use it without any single doubt of anything, but in sending data, best in managing data and even better than others in restoring your phone. We have given a download link at the end of this post; you can download it by tapping on the download button.

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