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Nokia Lumia series become the talk of the town with its release even on the first day. People attracted to its candy for the eyes look and even this phone appealed to the masses with its Windows operating system. Yes, this is the only phone on which Windows installed its operating system.

Nokia 720 PC Suite:

Now, the newly released Nokia Lumia 720 got Windows 8, while the older version of the phone has Windows 7. Though this phone could not manage to make a space equal to iPhone or Samsung, due to its unique style, it got positive words of mouth.   To connect this phone with a computer, you need to know about a software name Nokia Lumia 720 PC suite.

Though this was launched with the release of Nokia Lumia, it got popularity much later. People were confused about the use of this PC suite. In this topic, we will shed light on how to connect your PC with Nokia Lumia 720 PC suite.

How To Connect With PC Suite?

First, you need to have one PC suite, like in the case of Nokia Lumia 720, you need to get a Nokia Lumia 720 PC suite. You can download this from our website; we have given a link at the end of this post.

Then you need to install it on your computer from where you want to connect your mobile phone. Then take a data cable to connect your mobile phone with one end to the computer and on the other end to the computer.

Enable USB debugging on your mobile phone before connecting, there would be a software automatically start on your computer, allow this run and installation. After that, you will see a new screen on your computer, that is it you have connected your phone to the Nokia Lumia 720 PC suite.

Download Links:

All you can do a handful of tasks via using this PC suite like you can transfer data from computer to mobile and vice versa. You can manage your data; you can send text messages and even can call your contacts while using a computer. You can create a backup of your important data and a lot more stuff. To download the latest version of the Nokia Lumia 720 PC suite, tap on the download link at the bottom of this post.

Download Nokia Lumia 720 PC Suite

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