Nokia PC suite for windows

Nokia PC Suite for Windows

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Detail of Nokia PC Suite for Windows

To provide a one-click direct link location for the Nokia PC suite for Windows 10 64 & 32 bit. On the landing page, you are going to learn about the benefits program for all Nokia phones.

However, with the help of this well-known application, you can perform several tasks on the go. In our previous post, we are talking about downloading a PC suite software for that particular Nokia model.

But here this new release version is currently working for all Nokia mobile phones. No Matter what the model is and what kind of RM that device has.

Nokia PC Suite for Windows 10

Did you recently purchase a Nokia phone and find it immensely hard to connect to Windows 10? Yes, new Nokia phones really suffer to connect to a comparatively new operating system such as Windows 10.

You can have this Nokia PC Suite For Windows 10, which specifically targets the latest Microsoft operating system and gives you smooth communication with the phone.

You will have no hard time connecting and communicating with the computer, and copy all the stuff or do the desired tasks. Let’s have the download link install it on a computer and communicate it to our computer.

Install Nokia PC Suite on your computer:

The need for a dedicated PC suite has increased more than ever before. The reasons could be many, the top would be the multitasking which we always hunt for.

Multi-tasking is no aspiration of this generation, and viewing this compassion, the latest brands urging their designer to pay special focus to integrating these features into phones and computers.

So, you need multitasking, you need your mobile phone connected to the computer. You could do plenty of tasks, which we had to do on a phone.

Such as chatting on a phone call using the phone, browsing, using social networking sites, mobile phone updating software, mobile phone rooting, and dozens of other tasks.

Just have the mentioned PC suites on your computer, install this, and rest leave for these PC Suites.

The designers of this PC Suite did a great job. The navigations are clearer than ever before, the segment divisions are up to the impressive marks; above all, you get back up and restore options on the go.

How To Install On Windows 10?

Let’s install it on your computer; installing it should not create any hindrance for you. Like, just follow the screen-mentioned commands, and do not bother much about reading the license terms and conditions, etc.

  • Restart the computer
  • Launch it on your computer after installing it
  • Connect the Nokia mobile phone to it
  • You see an instant prompt to connect the mobile phone to the PC Suite

Even these things you can perform on your latest Windows 10. This Nokia PC Suite shows full compatibility with Windows 10 on the go.

You can see your all folders and files on the computer and can copy the data from the computer to the mobile phone and vice versa

  • Backup your phone’s data, or restore the data from already backup files
  • Backup a separate application, contacts, messages, and much more
  • You see the music segment on the PC Suite
  • Insert the complete library on your computer and vice versa

There are dozens of other features of using a dedicated PC Suite for your Android phone. You get addicted to the PC Suite, once you start using it.


  • The best on-go PC Suite for Nokia mobile phone users
  • Helps your phone connect to the Windows 10 operating system
  • Offers you constant support about backing up data
  • Can restore files from already backup data
  • You can share your mobile phone data with your computer
  • Can send messages using a computer keyboard to the phone’s contact
  • Transfer the folders and files with much better speed
  • Download and install apps on your mobile phone using a computer
  • You can make calls using the contact book
  • Root your mobile phone
  • Update the Nokia phone’s software

Download the mentioned Nokia PC Suite and install it on your computer installed Windows 10.

Most of our users wondering about a new version service suite for Windows 10 having 32 or 64 Bit. So if you are still searching for that concern then you are in the right place to grab its latest setup. That will definitely work simultaneously on your Windows 10.

On the other hand, we can say that this new version is working on all previous versions of Windows OS. This list is considered as Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 almost include.

If the PC suite is working on the very highest resolution that is 64 Bit. Then you remember one point here, it has the ability to work with the 32-bit operating system for Windows 10 and all old versions.

Support Devices:

Instantly supportable for any computer device like a laptop and a desktop computer machine. Almost ready to use on Nokia Lumia, Nokia Asha, and other Nokia mobile devices such as smartphones.

So here it is clear and perfect share to make a PC suite or OVI suite to work with the latest Windows OS.

Read Nokia PC Suite Software

Finally, just go to the download area and get the setup installer for the Nokia PC suite for Windows 10 64 Bit 32 bit.