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This Nokia PC Suite free download for all mobile phones. Now allowing you to connect any type of Nokia based device to PC without facing any problem. This is the latest version 7.1 recently released in 2016 for your desktop windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 respectively.

This well-known program well-known suite for especially Nokia devices. Specially designed for All Nokia-made devices. This first aim of this tool application is that you are able to connect your Nokia cell phone to PC. For connecting purposes, you can use below two methods on the go.

How to Connect With Nokia PC Suite?

  1. Via data cable.
  2. Via Bluetooth.

The downloading and installation method of this service suite is so simple. So you can go with the following features after installing it on your PC.


  • By the help of this PC Suite, you can connect,
  • Transfer files/Sharing of data/Shuffle data between PC and mobile phone.
  • Get the backup of your device.
  • Communicate with anyone of your friends or a family member.
  • Modify your cell phone.
  • Integration of calendars.
  • Update or sync contacts.
  • Share information through lotus notepad.
  • You can make multimedia messages on your desktop and send them to your phone.
  • Read or write messages directly on the PC and reply instantly using the PC.
  • All of your mobile features comes up on your computer.
  • Update your mobile software.
  • Install new applications on the internet.
  • Support for Nokia smartphones as well.

This PC suite uses very attractive and simple icons, smart interface so you are going to relax while navigation of this software on your windows. I hope you like Nokia PC Suite free download software a lot and you will love it after using it with complete features free of cost.

How to Nokia PC Suite Free Download:

  1. At the very end, a single one clicks direct download link location is provided.
  2. Just click on that link and you are redirected to the page where your requested file is located.
  3. Mostly it automatically starts the download process.
  4. If not in case you have to tap on it.
  5. Now let it finish the download.

How to install Nokia PC Suite:

  1. After completing the download.
  2. You can get your download by going to the “Download” option of your browser.
  3. Find the Setup of Nokia-PC-Suite.
  4. Now double click and start the installation process.
  5. The whole process is quite simple.
  6. Follow full instructions carefully.
  7. Simply read one every single page which is appearing on your screen.
  8. Then click next till the end and finish the entire process.
  9. It will auto-create a desktop shortcut on your homepage/Screen.
  10. You are done!!!

Now right click on the icon named Nokia_PC_Suite. You are able to use it all features smoothly.


Additionally, is offering all new and old version PC suites for their concern models with brands for no charges. All programs we offer are officially introduced by their Authors we bring them to you with few medians. However, it has a need and a clean user-friendly interface. Which is clearly effective during in process. It is a better essential tool for managing your phone right away. So you build a powerful ability among both devices and increase or enhance your Mobile experience.

Additional File information:

  • Filename: Nokia-Suite-exe
  • Version:
  • License: Freeware product.
  • Developers:
  • File size: 38.7 MBs
  • Firstly added in the year 2014.

Trust single:

It is trussed and marked as safe for your current device.

Supportive languages:


Finally, usage requirements are as under: A Nokia model handset and a PC or Laptop device having Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10 with 32 bit or 64-bit operating system. At the last, we can say that this is a collection of the tool which is globally used in order to get more benefits of having a Nokia smartphone or JAVA phone and a desktop computer.

Nokia PC Suite Free Download

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