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What is Nokia X Manager?

Nokia X manager is a smart tool for Nokia devices. The tool is basically helping you out to manage the phone according to your requirements. If the word manage comes in mind, It indicates about to perform management. For better management of Nokia phones over the Computer. I recommend this software as a cool one.

If there anything about to manage on your Nokia. You just initially have to build connectivity among your phone to a PC. For this here a Windows Device (Laptop or a Desktop) is required.

Connect the Nokia phone you have via USB data cable and ready to do any task. The use and also this has some great features. That I would negotiate them briefly in down cumming lines. install the Nokia X manager on your Windows machine and lets explorer all the features one by one.

Nokia X Manager Key Features

  • Connectivity
  • Boot & Reboot
  • Recovery
  • Install Firmware
  • Install Apps
  • Root your phone
  • ADB Commands
  • Multi-Tasker

So, in brief, you can communicate Nokia with PC using the tool we are presenting here. This will allow the connection between your Nokia and PC. This would be the same, As any PC suite can do.

Manage All Nokia In Good Environment:

But the Nokia x manager takes it in a different environment. Such as, if anything hurdles while the auto-detection, you can do it manually.

This is the way where a Nokia phone approaches to navigating a manual detecting device mode.


Moreover, it is indicating that the Nokia X Manager is working with 100 % successful rate. Give your appurtenances to call multiple tasks at a time.

Rooting any Nokia devices if the device is not rooted previously. Unlock the boot-loader and reboot the recovery in a very simple interface.


While someone wants to flash their phones using a Computer, then it would be very nice to do so.

Only the one flashing feature can be accessed with X flasher. For just Nokia flashing you can check it out from its origin page.

Install Custom ROMs:

Creating a custom firmware’s for any particular model is now possible. So the flashing can be done as an easy job. Also, a specialist on flashing Nokia X and XL series of the phone to install stock ROM’ recovery.

Installing Applications for Nokia phone and manage them with your choices on the go.

These all and many more features are aviating inside the Nokia X Manager software. So Download it from the below link right now on your Windows.

Support and compatibility of such utilities are rich in functions. Works on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and so many others. With 32 bit and 64-bit system compatibility.

Download >> Nokia_X_Manager File Size is 24.8 MBs