Nvidia GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003

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With another solution, today I am gonna be showing how to fix Nvidia Geforce experience error code 0x0003. If you are getting this error please do stick to the post. You will get the solution definitely and will work for you.

On this web page, I try my best to show you, how to fix this issue. Well in most cases this solution will work. If not, unfortunately, please leave your comment with the exact error you get. So we will try to fix it all-together ASAP.

Why Nvidia Geforce 0x0003 Error Take Place?

The error 0x0003 of Geforce experience is come about due to false drivers. Most of the Nvidia users do not update their driver version to the most recent. That’s why they encounter errors.

0x0003 is the most common error ever seen by Nvidia Geforce users. They might have wrong driver installations, they might have their drivers corrupt.

Graphic Crads Geforce -Something Went Wrong:

If this happens you are not able to optimize your gaming experience. On your PC you can enjoy extraordinary screen graphics with Nvidia.

If you see this message from your Graphics card not working. Not responding to your inputs and leads to a bad user experince. This will ruine your whole gaming console.

But not now, we have found a perfect solution for this and in the down section, you will see the answer to this error.

Looking For Permanent solution:

If you just solve the issue and fix the error by somehow doing fixes. But then after sometime it come again and again.

If this happens to you or if this is your first time having the wrong experience. Then in both cases don’t worry, stay on the article and look for your error to clear up.

How to FIx Nvidia GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003?

The main thing that most of the people do install the Geforce, When thy get this Nvidia GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003. That is not correct to uninstall drivers as per my experience. This means that there are the file corrupted agents inside the entire Geforce folder.

These files go to your computer hard drive and make things worst. In this case, after your uninstall, there is a lot of things that are ongoing running in the background.

They won’t stop even you install the Geforce. Thy cant be turn off still, So what you have to do a clean and fresh installation.

Here are the steps that take place to fix this error code 0x30003 on your NVIDIA Ge-force experience.

Step1 – Nvidia Control Panel:

For this, you have to go to Nvidia Geforce control. This I am saying because you can easily find the Control panel by right click on your desktop. Right their in the click, you will find the Nvidia control panel. Wait don’t go from here to the control panel.

Instead of this, you have to first Search the “Nvidia Control Panel” on Google. As in this below screenshot.

Or you will go to this page directly from Nvidia Control Panel page.

Now scroll down the page after clicking on this Nvidia Control panel page.

Step2 – Download Latest Nvidia Drivers for your Nvidia Nforce MCP:

At the end you will find Download Latest Nvidia Drivers for your Nvidia Nforce MCP.

Now you will land on exactly looks like the page below you see.

Download Latest Nvidia Drivers for your Nvidia Nforce MCP

Now Fill out this form below according to your GForce graphics card details.

Step 3 – Nvidia Drivers Downloads:

Here you can choose yours. For example and for your assistance I fill mine as looks underneath.

  • Product Type = Geforce
  • Product Series = Geforce 16 series
  • Product = Geforce GTX 1600 Super
  • Operating System = Windows 10 64 Bit
  • Download Type = GRD (Game Ready Driver)
  • Language = English

Also check out this image how you can fill according to your graphic cards properties.

Image Nvidia Drivers Downloads

Now after all doing this click on the search Button there.

Step 4 – Geforce GRD (Game Ready Drivers):

Then your driver is available to download according to your prefixes.

Geforce Game Ready driver

After the download go for the installion procedure.

Step 5 – Run As Administrator:

Right-click on the file and “RUN as Administrator” from the options to start the installation wizard.

RUN as Administrator

Before this Uninstall Geforce experince for better experience.


step 6 – Nvidia Display Driver Package Installer:

After clicking on it wait a while, First, a back screen appears. Then it shows the NVIDIA Display driver v.. – International package installer.

Display driver International package installer.

You can browse to select installion location or just click OK.

Step 7 – Chose NVIDIA Graphics Driver and Ge force Experience:

Wait and now starts the Installation wizard for your Nvidia Graphics Driver.

nvidia graphics driver

Mark the first one with NVIDIA Graphics Driver and Ge force Experience.

Then click on Agree and Continue.

From installation options Chose Advanced (Custom) settings for high performance. and Click Next.

Step 8 – Custom Installation Options:

In the custom installation options. Tick mark or select the perform a Clean Installation Box.

Custom Installion Options

After click on this next button, it takes around 6 to 10 minutes to finish. After the installation of the Nvidia graphics driver via this way. It should work and solve Nvidia GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003 on the go.

This would be working in your case, if not or you may face trouble while performing this. Lets us know in down comments section.

Nvidia GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003 – Video Tutorial:

Also, you can check out the video tutorial if you are good with the video. This video will show you how to fix Nvidia Geforce experience error.