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If you are hunting down in searching for an Oppo Preloader driver (aside from it for now. The use and meaning of this driver) then you have landed on the right spot. Here, we are going to provide you with the driver.

Along with you will be seeing the installation of the driver with a proper guide. Stick in here, and do not rush around just to get it downloaded on your PC.

What is Preloader Driver:

A preloader driver is a package of codes or software, which makes a bridge of a third-party device to connect with a computer. One has to install the driver on a Windows computer, and if you do not install this one.

The device that you want to connect with the computer will not be recognized. That is the reason for every mobile phone company. Either it is Oppo, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, or others. Make it easy for the users to get these drivers installed to communicate with the related mobile phones.


Though windows itself got the sense to get the third-party devices connected. With the development of the latest features, functions, and mobile phone structures on a daily basis.

It is hard for windows to make it state of the art. In this way, one needs to get the Preloader driver installed before getting the related mobile phone connected.

Install Oppo Preloader Driver on PC:

Now, it comes to installing the Oppo drivers on a computer. For those who are novices and do not have any experience of getting the right drivers installed.

It is a tough job to do. But, once you get to know where you can check either the right drivers have been installed or not, it becomes easy.

Check for Drivers:

To check if the drivers are correctly installed, you need to visit the device manager portion of the Windows.

To locate that section of the computer, in the search box, just search for the device manager.

And tap on the drivers, where you will see all the drivers installed and missed. From that portion, you will see the yellow dots, and you can see from there.

The option of Oppo Preloader driver (This option comes when you tried to connect the Oppo Phone but could not).

Download Oppo Preloader Driver:

And I assume you have downloaded the driver from the given download link. If not, then get it now. And from that yellow dot option, right click on that. Go for the updated driver from the computer.

However, locate the place where you have saved the drivers on your computer. And update the driver in this way.

Easy to use:

I want to mention one more thing here to make it easier for the users. Who claims, that or that model of the Oppo mobile phone is not being connected despite installing the mentioned drivers. The driver which we have uploaded in here will connect all models of Oppo brand. But for very few models, it can show the errors.

Image of Oppo Preloader Driver
Oppo Preloader Driver

In that case, you need to get the particular model drivers on the computer. And you can find that too from our website. Once you install the driver, restart your computer. Always use a USB data cable to connect the one side of the data cable with the phone and other with the computer.


Oppo Preloader drivers specifically address the issue of Oppo mobile phone not being connected to the computer. With this driver installed, you will get a smooth communication with the phone. Get the data shared on both the sides of the data cable.

  • Sync the mobile phones to the computer, and update your phone with the data what you shared on your computer.
  • Share videos, audios, music, documents with double the speed and without any errors
  • Get the same settings of internet and others on both the sides of the data cable.
  • Oppo Preloader driver is like a bridge which helps the mobile phone to share anything on both the sides
  • Arrange the phone’s data, create new folders, put the related data in those folders, and make the phone cleaner and less bulky
  • Delete the useless data, uninstall the unnecessary apps, and install more than one application on your phone.

In the end, if you own an Oppo mobile phone, you cannot communicate the data, or use every feature of the phone.

Without getting this driver installed on your phone. We already have given you the download link.

Just tap on the download button and get the driver on your computer. If the link does not work or you get any other issue. Please do comment in the comment section.

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