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Detail of Phoenixsuite

The PhoenixSuit is a tool or application designed for AllWinner CPU-based smartphones to flash them with stock ROM or custom ROM. To get this rollout, you just need to have a Stock or Custom ROM file stored in your computer.

What is PhoenixSuit?

Do you have an AllWinner CPU-based smartphone? If yes, then you would know the hustle and struggle of getting them flashed with stock ROM. It becomes almost impossible to Flash Stock ROM owing to the obvious reasons.

There are very few tools (Like PhoenixSuit) to support this flashing and about all of them are premium. Today, we are going to review one of the finest Allwinner flash tools to get this job carried out.

This small Windows utility tool helps you out in getting rid of the corrupt OS of your mobile phone. Phoenixsuit is a very handy tool that comes with a simple interface and clean navigation. Let’s look at how this tool functions, and what accessories are needed to roll this job in the end.

How to use the PhoenixSuit tool?

Do you have any idea about AllWinner smartphones or tablets? And can you guess why are they so complex in installing any application or flashing a custom or stock ROM? Originally.

AllWinner technology comes from the Chinese and as of now, the technology has almost vanished. There are very few supported mobile phones and tablets in the market, and this is the reason their flashing has become a hassle.

But, Phoenixsuit Allwinner flash tool will pull over the job and will make you get a fresh phone in the end. You will be getting rid of the corrupt system files and boot loops that are taking your life. This is a sort of repairing you are doing to your phone using your own computer and application.

The use of the PhoenixSuit would not be that difficult. You need a Windows-based computer to install the tool on it and connect your mobile phone to the tool. Let’s have an elaborative concept of using this, stick with us, and do not roam around.

The tool helps assist you in installing new firmware files in the AllWinner-based smartphone or tablet.

Install the tool after downloading it from the given download link.
Launch it.

The tool helps you stock recovery images of the AllWinner-based devices. Connect your mobile using a data cable; turn it off before connecting it.


  • The tool helps you flash stock firmware in an AllWinner-based smartphone.
  • This tool also helps you flash the stock recovery image.
  • Phoenixsuit makes you flash the boot image
  • You can backup and restore all of your available data in the tool itself or wherever you want.
  • With the simple user interface, with simple clicks you get the flashing done.
  • Free of cost

Download PhoenixSuit

Simply download the firmware from the firmware option and load using the software. Select the part which you want to roll out in the device and choose the boot image.

Phoenixsuit allows you to backup and restore the available data or files in your AllWinner device. Simply connect the phone to the computer, open the tool, click on the APK tab, and choose the backup option or restore.

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This would not take much time to get the job done. Still, you will have to wait until the system itself installs all necessary files and data.

Application NamePhoenixSuit
File Size16.4 MBs
File TypeSetup EXE / Download in ZIP Folder
Package ContainsSetup, Drivers & Installers