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The Plustek AD480 is a compact mobile scanner that offers efficient scanning for homes or small offices. It features double-sided scanning, an optical resolution of 600 dpi, and advanced image processing capabilities.

Connect the scanner to your computer via USB and follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver. After the installation is complete, you can begin using your Plustek AD480.

About Plustek AD480 Driver:

The Plustek AD480 is a mobile scanner that allows you to scan documents and images on the go. It has a fast scanning speed of 20 pages per minute and a 600 dpi optical resolution. Its compact design and lightweight make it easy to carry. Plus, it comes with a suite of software tools that can help you manage and organize your scanned documents.

This scanner features a smart, compact design and is perfect for both home and office use. Its small footprint allows it to fit comfortably into travel cases and onto busy desktops. In addition, it includes a dedicated card scanning slot and a sophisticated switchback feed mechanism to ensure that it can quickly scan ID cards and embossed business cards.

It also has a powerful imaging processing engine to provide high-quality scanning results. It automatically detects the paper type and provides optimal image settings to ensure quality, clarity, and color balance. It also has a range of enhancement capabilities, including denoise and character enhancement, to improve the quality of your scanned images. Plus, it supports a wide variety of document formats and file sizes to ensure maximum compatibility.

What is Plustek AD480 Driver?

The Plustek AD480 Driver is a software application that enables your computer to communicate with and control the scanner. It provides the interface through which you can adjust scanning settings, such as resolution, file format, and image processing algorithms. It also provides troubleshooting tools and support information for the device.

The driver also enables the integration of your Plustek AD480 scanner with scanning applications installed on your computer. This allows you to directly initiate scans from within the application, manage scanning settings, and perform other functions from a single interface.

The AD480 offers efficient scanning and high-quality results thanks to a 600dpi optical resolution. A number of advanced scanning features, including Auto Color Detection, Auto Rotate for Text Orientation, Multi-Image output, Card Scanning Mode, and Document Cleanup, enhance the quality of your scanned images.

This scanner is ideal for home and small office use, with its small footprint allowing it to fit comfortably into travel cases and onto busy desktops. Its sophisticated switchback feed mechanism makes it fast and easy to scan embossed cards.

How to download and install the Plustek AD480?

Ensures compatibility and optimization: The driver provides an interface between the scanner and the operating system, optimizing and ensuring functionality and smooth operation. Troubleshooting and support: The driver can help resolve issues with the scanner by providing diagnostic tools and error-reporting capabilities. It may also provide access to support resources such as online documentation or customer support contacts.

Scanner Overview

Designed for departmental applications, the SmartOffice SC8016U is an A3-sized document scanner that provides high-speed scanning at 80 pages per minute (160 images per minute in duplex mode) and features an 8,000 page per day duty cycle. It offers an industry-standard TWAIN driver for integration with virtually any document imaging application.

It is recommended that you connect your Plustek AD480 to your computer using a USB cable before starting the installation process. Once you have completed the installation, test the scanner by performing a scan. This will ensure that the driver is installed properly and that the scanner is functioning properly. If you experience any problems during the installation process, contact the manufacturer for further assistance.


The AD480 is a portable document and card scanner that offers high-precision scanning with up to 600 dpi optical resolution. It also features advanced image processing functions such as Auto Color Detection, Auto Rotate for Text Orientation, Multi-image output, Removes Blank Pages, Removes Punch Holes, Denoise and Character Enhancement. This ensures outstanding quality results for your scanned documents and images.

The portable design makes the AD480 suitable for use on the road or at home, and the bundled software provides users with a range of file formats and destinations to choose from. Moreover, the AD480 supports dual-sided scanning for more efficient and productive work.

The AD480 is designed for businesses and professionals who need a powerful yet portable scanner to help them stay productive on the go. With its compact size, the AD480 is easy to fit into travel cases or onto busy desktops. The AD480 is also able to deliver exceptional image quality and excellent paper handling, and it comes with a wide variety of software tools that will help you maximize your productivity.


The driver helps ensure compatibility between the scanner and the operating system. It also enables integration with scanning software applications, allowing you to initiate scans and control the scanner’s functions directly from the application. It may also include diagnostic tools and error reporting capabilities to assist with troubleshooting and support.

The AD480 is a portable document and card scanner that streamlines the document processing process and increases productivity on the go. Its compact footprint makes it ideal for use at registration counters or crowded desktops and its intelligent design features an advanced card scanning mode, dedicated image processing algorithm, and smart feature set.