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Is your Realme phone locked and forgotten password and you starve to disengage it? Many people from you guys might have heard about Realme phones that are newly launched in the market. If you’re not acknowledged about it so Realme relates to the company Oppo.

It’s also a Chinese company. In today’s articles, you’re going to learn about an amazing tool for Realme users that’s simply called Realme Flash Tool.

Realme Flash Tool:

Realme Flash Tool, an amazing tool for the Windows Operating System that is utilized to flash or scoot stock firmware of your device. Firmware is the set of coded instructions, permanently stored in Read-Only Memory (ROM).

It commands the hardware of a specific device. Realme Flash tool also enables you to root your phone but before performing root action you must unlock the bootloader.

There are a lot of flash tools available in the intangible market but a reliable tool is the only original one. You guys mostly run back to the computer specialists for unlocking firmware and boot purposes. Now you can perform these kinda actions easily. The Realme Flash tool is easy to adjust to your Windows PC.

Key Features Of Realme Flash Tool:

Realme Flash Tool regards features is best other than flashing firmware.

  • This tool flash firmware very fast.
  • Through this tool, you get the benefit of recovering your device on an account of the firmware.
  • It also helps you in unlocking the bootloader of your device.
  • You can access a number of activities related to stock firmware.
  • After unlocking the bootloader, the Realme flash tool lets you relock the bootloader of your device.
  • This tool doesn’t harm your mobile phone and PC.
Support on the most recent and various operating system comparability.

Flash/ Install ColorOS

You can flash the Realme smartphones comes up with Color Os.

Flash/ Install RealmeUI

For your RealmiUi devices, it is suitable and will let you flash the firmware. Also, achieve all the features that we mention in the above section of this post.

Realme Flashing Image

● Its 2020 latest version supports all realme devices.

● The best feature is that you can upgrade your firmware version as well.

● Realme Flash Tool provides you a user-friendly interface that you can easily use with your fingertips.

● Usually, people worry about damaging PC’s data so don’t worry about that It keeps your data safe.

● This application is light in size that doesn’t get any massive space.

Download Realme Flash Tool

Before this, you have to activate it through license and activation tools that cause of its proper work. Now you have gotten all the basics of Realme Flash Tool so download and install it in your PC for getting massive advantages.

Download Link > RealMe_Flash_Tool.Zip

File size is 12.5 MBs

This tool only works in Realme devices.


Important data will be erased after flashing. Please backup your data before flash.