Top 10 Working Samsung FRP Tools in 2021

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There are so many tools as Samsung FRP tools to bypass and unblock FRP locks. We have just come up with a great collection of some good quality tools, especially for Samsung devices.

These below list is perfectly working for all Samsung models including Samsung Tabs as well.

List of Samsung FRP Tools (Top 10):

D&G Password Unlocker Tool:

Removing FRP locks is very easy and handy via D&G Unlocker. This tool will remove the FRP bypass on all Samsung devices. Not only Samsung but other brands are working.

These are like Lenovo, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, and Xiaomi or much more. D&G is one of the best Samsung FRP bypass tools. Offers easy installation and simple navigations will make you easy to unlocks phones.

Download >> D&G FRP Unlocker Tool

G&G unlocker tool
DG is a password unlocker tool

Tenorshare 4ukey for Android:

Unlock any Android device within just a click. Features as below.

Remove Android passwords like Pattern, Pin and Fingureprint locks.
Remove Google account from All Samsung devices without any password.
Easy and secure always.

FRP Unlocks:

Tenorsher 4ukey is a good FRP solution ever. Can bypass the FRP and remove Google accounts right away.

  • Delete Samsung accounts.
  • Supporting all the Samsung models including Samsung S10 and s10+ from the latest phones.

Remove Screen locks from Android:

For your Samsung devices, this will let you unlock these below locks.

  • Pattern
  • PIN
  • Password
  • Fingerprints

Unlock your Android within easy steps by Tenorshare 4ukey.

Samsung FRP Hijacker Tool:

FRP hijacker is the most successful FRP bypass tool amongst all other Samsung FRP tools. It is developed by the GSM Hagrads, that’s it has a full name like Samsung FRP hijacker by Hagard.

So many phones were tested on this and the tool has a very awesome outcome. It uses a very simple Hijack button to bypass the Google account on any device. Its motto is to just one-click soft fixes and also the same fro the FRP unlocks.

Main Features for Samsung FRP Hijacker Tool:

FRP Hijacker By Hagard
  • Use the ADB mode to make it more clear and confirmative.
  • Easy to use Interface and always free for all.
  • Support on all Windows Operating systems.
  • Check errors for your Samsung phone and help you out to fix.
  • Sort out the bugs related issues and provide easy solutions.
  • Currently working on Samsung Tablets as well.
  • Additionally, give you devise details and tells about the updates.

Go to the Download now at FRP Hijacker.

Samsung FRP Helper:

Anyone here, if forget their mobile phone login details. These are like the password in different security ways. Every user wants their data and such things keep private and safe from others. To ensure this they locked out the phone and for cloud data.

They use google account or Samsung account. Due to this and many other things you must have to keep your phone secure. That’s, right but if you forget the login credential latter on. This leads to being a very serious problem.

Samsung FRP Helper

Now don’t worry we have come to the solution at such FRP and Google account locks. In the list of Samsung FRP Tool, the FRP helper is sort at number four. It is unlocking FRP locks on maximum Samsung smartphones. In this regards the latest version of this release comes with Samsung FRP helper v0.2.

You can Download and Read further steps to unlock your device with Samsung FRP Helper here.

GSM Flasher ADB FRP Bypass Tool:

GSM flasher tool is yet another FRP bypass tool. You can also do bypass any google account and factory reset protection privacy.

Working and support for all Samsung Android and in some of the Tabs as well. However, the GSM flasher is an ADB enabler tool. You have to make surely enable the USB debugging mode on your device.

GSM Flasher Tools Image

Key Features for GSM Flasher:

  • Can install onto any of the Windows operating systems. Your laptop and the desktop device.
  • Easy to download and install via the user-friendly installation wizard interface.
  • Allow you to work on ADB mode of any phone.
  • Must have enabled the USB debugging mode although.
  • Remove and reactivate the lock removal software.
  • Unlock any kind of security locks, like pattern, Pin lock will bypass easily.

Download the GSM Flasher Tool here.

Samsung FRP Bypass APK:

Samsung FRP bypass APK is an Android application that proceeds you to the unlock of any Android. When your device is protected by the factory reset protection.

After the reset, it happens to most of the Android devices using Samsung account only on Samsung. At the same time, other users using other Android phone users can use Google account to access their phones vulnerabilities.

There were a lot more Samsung FRP Tools for PC and as the same now you can do via an Android application.

Download >> Samsung FRP Bypass APK

How to Bypass Samsung Devices Using the FRP Bypass App

Samsung Bypass Google Verify:

This tool is specifically designed for Samsung users to bypass google verify accounts. For this method, you must have the OTG cable and a Computer to perform FRP bypass on your phone. Supporting some of the Samsung Galaxy phones as well.

Secondly here you require a USB drive to copy this Samsung bypass Google verify APK file. Latter on that you can connect it to your phone and do the rest.

Download and also learn how to use Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK.

Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK

Pangu FRP Bypass Tool:

Pangu is one of the best developers for making Samsung relative tools and utilities. The Pangu FRP Bypass tool is one of the best wounders from them.

Not only for Samsung, but Pangu is also consistently working for other brands like Oppo, LG, Mi, Vivo ETC. This also the best way to disable google verify and give you unlocks on the FRP.

Pangu FRP Bypass Tool Image

Using these Pangu Bypass tools you can bring a well-known solution for the factory reset protection.

Here download the Pangu FRP Bypass tool.


Hushsms is also, very helpful in bypassing the FRP locks on Samsung devices. From this list of Samsung FRP Tools, Hushsms always includes in.

It is working and especially compatible with Samsung smartphones. This is an Android application, that uses messages to collect data from any device.

The data which latter on beneficial to unlock that device by getting its information on another phone. This all and much more features are servicing only on the HushSMS APK.

You can download it for your Android Here HushSMS APK Download.

HushSMS Logo

Google Account Manager:

The Google Account Manager is developed by Google itself. This is a very basic program for Android developers. The app is helpful in managing and performing concerns stuff on any smartphone. For sure this would be perfectly working on your Samsung Mobile phone.

Features for Google Account Manager:

  • You can manage more than one Google accounts at the same time.
  • It offers various levels of phone security.
  • Disable the factory reset protection.

Download Google Account Manager Here.

Quick Shortcut Maker APK:

As the name of this application tells it all. Quick Shortcut Maker APK for android is helpful in removing FRP and google accounts. It uses the create shortcut technique to give you access to the core set of your Samsung and any other brand device.

Download Quick Shortcut Maker APK for Android Here.

Quick Shortcut Maker APK FRP

On this page, we have written a complete article to find a great piece of information about it. Additionally, you can free download it by just on a single click.

These are the well known and working Samsung FRP Tools of 2021. Have a look at them and try accordingly and for any query, we were always there for you. Well if I missed anyone, you find better then make it, sure to leave a comment in the down section.

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