Samsung Galaxy Must Tool

Samsung Galaxy Must Tool

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Detail of Samsung Galaxy Must Tool

It’s not the case there are many software and tools that help to bypass Factory reset and give users access to controls. Today, we have brought a Samsung Galaxy Must Tool that is going to bypass FRP for you.

Often mobile users get stuck in a situation where they have to restore the factory settings on their smartphones. After the factory reset, a user has to sign in with the same email that was previously synced in before the factory reset. Google’s factory reset production is a protective layer that ensures security in case of theft or when the mobile is lost.

The factory reset protection is quite useful but if you have forgotten the email ID and password previously signed in, you are locked out of your mobile device. When the password is forgotten, one might think that it’s time to say goodbye to their beloved phone.

What is Samsung Galaxy Must Tool?

Good news for Samsung users, the FRP Bypass Tool for PCs has arrived with many amazing features. The Samsung Galaxy Must tool not only bypasses factory reset but also holds many exciting elements in store.

This is a small tool that takes up a space of 84.2 MB and needs to be installed on the computer to carry out the bypassing process. The easy-to-use interface allows the user to bypass FRP himself without taking the help of a professional.
This tool gives independence along with other useful functions.

Is Samsung Galaxy Must Tool Free?

Many aspiring users are asking if the Samsung Galaxy is free or paid. The answer is both. Many functions are provided to the user free of charge whereas many paid features require login. A user has to pay a certain amount to get access to the paid functions.


This FRP bypass tool needs to be installed on a Windows computer. The mobile device locked with FRP is connected to the computer via a USB data cable then the bypassing FRP process begins.

The compatible Windows for the Samsung Galaxy Must Tool are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Free Features:

As we have told you earlier this bypass tool provides both free and paid functions. You must be curious to know which features are free and which are paid and would your repairing needs be fulfilled by free features. Here are the free features.

  • Device Scan ( IC & Sensor Check)
  • IMEI & S/N reading
  • KNOX Warranty Bit Check
  • Battery Status Check (Cycle & ASOC)
  • Charging Current Check

These features do not require a login or a payment to get access to. Just download the tool and start using it.

Samsung Galaxy Must Tool Paid Features

Now that you know what this tool offers for free it’s time to know which functions require the user to pay. Let’s get into details.

  • Water Resistant Check
  • Kill Switch Unlock
  • Calibration – Speaker
  • Calibration – Grip Sensor
  • Calibration – TouchPad (TPS)
  • Calibration – Force Touch
  • Calibration – 5A TM Celebration
  • Calibration – Battery Cycle Initialisation

How to Download Samsung Galaxy Must Tool?

Downloading this tool is a cakewalk. If you like what it has in store for you, proceed to download it with the following steps. Download the latest setup of Samsung Galaxy Must Tool.
Install the setup on the Windows computer by agreeing to the terms and conditions.
Once installed, connect your mobile phone to the computer using a USB data cable to start the bypassing FRP process.

In brief, the Samsung Galaxy Must Tool promises an easy FRP bypass with this tool. Do not try to bypass FRP yourself, if you are not sure about the process.