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If you are a Samsung user, an old one, this post would be proved helpful for you. Stick in here, do not rush to Samsung Kies 3 download for windows 10 and others. Make sure to read the entire post to better know about it. This Samsung Kies 3 will help you to connect your Samsung mobile phone to your personal computer to better use and explore your mobile phone to use all the features of the Phone.

What is Samsung Kies 3:

Though, some users were claiming the Samsung Smart Switch is the best and better transfer experience as compare to the Samsung KIES. I would like to say that the new and the latest version of Samsung will be good for using the Samsung smart switch. For the older version of the Samsung which have installed the Android 4.3 should use the mentioned PC suite to connect and communicate the phone via using a data cable or Wi-Fi.

So, download Samsung Kies 3 from the link below, and install it on your computer, and connect your old smartphone phone, the Samsung phone to your computer.

The best features, which I found no other PC suite can offer is to synchronize with the data. You can have the data on both the sides of the data cable without physical change or share of the data. If you enable the sync of the data. You would see that all the files, all the setting, browsing habits, browsers, favorite websites have been switched on both the devices. And you are finding like both the devices got your personal settings.


  • You can share the bigger and larger files of your from your computer to the mobile phone and vice versa.
  • Like the files which are heavy and took plenty of times in sharing and some of the times shows error while transferring will be transferred in a moment using this Samsung Kies 3.
  • Even can share the same internet connection to both the sides of the device, there will no extra charges on you.
  • Can arrange/rearrange your data, the folders and the files will be properly managed and with the concerned format of the data.
  • You even can send messages to your phone contacts and call them via using a computer.

The complete control of your phone will be over the computer, and all the setting and habits will be seen on both sides of the screen.

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Support for Samsung models:

Feature phone, Smart Phone/Tablet before Galaxy Note III (including Galaxy S4, Note II, etc).

The most used and top-rated features of the phone is a backup, you can say the acclaimed features of the PC Suites. Can back up your entire phone using this, can back up the mobile phone’s application. Also call logs, SMS, contacts, emails and much more using this Samsung Kies 3.

Install more than one application on your phone using this Samsung Kies. Install updates, and install the Upgrades version of OS on your mobile phone. All these will be done with just tap of your finger.

Download Samsung Kies 3:

So, download Samsung Kies 3 from the link below. We already have given a download link at the bottom of this post. Tap the download button and get the file, if the links are not working or showing some error. Please mention it in the comment section. So, our team can fix the issue as soon as possible.

Download >>> Samsung Kies